The Self-Isolation Diaries #13: Day 1038267 of lockdown

I say ‘Day 1038267’ of lockdown sarcastically, which many may interpret as me being sick to the teeth of it, but in fact I’m not and I’m ever increasingly in my element.

I’ve not done a diary entry in nearly a month because, well, I’m not so sure why. I basically was nearly furloughed, so I made lots of plans to transform my house/body/soul etc to preoccupy myself, but then I didn’t have to be furloughed anymore which was a massive relief. Although it did mean my house/body/soul transformation is yet to take place. But I felt like doing an entry this lunchtime, post beautifully sunny bank-holiday.

I think the motivation behind this entry is that its starting to seem like country and businesses are going to start, slowly but surely, re-opening. And I’ll be honest – I feel insanely unsettled by the whole thing.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #12: Major life changes & 50k May

It’s been over a week since my last diary entry, which is mostly down to my brain feeling like its full of 104 other things. Kind of ironic, given the purpose of most diaries and journals is to vent these feelings, but instead I’ve chosen to spend even more time than usual on the sofa watching Disney+ and Netflix.

Last week I found out I was going to be making full use of the government’s furlough scheme and stopping work from 8th May until (apparently) the 1st July – whether that will be the case, time can only tell. I’ve been at my job for close to three and a half years, with the longest time away being just in March this year for my honeymoon – so wrapping my head around a world with no work has taken a while to adjust to.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #11: Brushing up on my French & embracing my inner introvert

Another day, another new hobby/skill to improve in lockdown/way to waste time.

Yesterday I came across this website – Duolingo – a (free!) website and app with more than 30 languages available to learn. It’s also broken down into 10 minute sessions, so you can do a little bit every day.

I love everything to do with France – the country, the weather, the language, the people. Most likely thanks to my family holiday-ing there every year, and my dad also lived there for work for 5ish years – he had a gorgeous house outside of Paris which we went to a lot.

Looking back, I know that I made life-long memories in that house that I’ll be able to share with my future family and also hopefully use as settings for future books.

Here’s a pic:

(The house in the distance of the first photo was my dad’s house – what a dreamy book setting right?!!)

French was also one of my best subjects at school, so I did it for GCSE and A-Level too. But since then, aside from regular gorgeous holidays over there, my Francais doesn’t get much practaisice.

I saw an article on the Metro which featured Duolingo so thought it was worth checking out, and I’m loving it so far.

I’ve only done a couple of the lessons so far, but it’s nice to re-familiarise myself with the basics, such as the masculine & feminine rules etc.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.13.35

This week seems to have flown by. It’s my first 5 day week in a while, but I guess the removal of the commute etc means that the ‘boring’ parts of my usual routine have been eliminated, which I’m sure contributes to the faster weeks.

My weekend is full of social distance socialising, and I’m part of the ~ this is a bit intense and overwhelming ~ group of people when it comes to video calls, quizzes and all that jazz. To me, it feels just the same as if I had plans with people face to face – so when we have virtual plans Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I feel like I just want to get in bed and not leave.

When lockdown started I really panicked for myself as an extravert, but now I’m feeling like my introvert tendencies are really showing through.

I’m sure all our plans will be lovely, but me and my sofa, my book and my Disney+ subscription are getting more of a close bond than ever before with lockdown.

Not sure whether lockdown has changed me, or if I’m just more in tune with myself than I have been til now. Cos we have a lot more time to get in tune with ourselves, don’t we really.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.13.50

I’ll let you know if virtual Monopoly is successful….

Chat soon x 

The Self-Isolation Diaries #10: Will I ever get back into a better sleeping routine?

There is one part of lockdown that I can truly say I’ll miss, when all this is over.

And that is – sleeping in.

Every single day.

In ‘real life’ my alarm goes off just after 6am, so I have time to get ready, prep food for work and get the 50 minute commute in so I’m at my office for 8am. Now? Well, my alarm goes off at 7:15am, I get out of bed at 7:45am and I’m at my dining table turned desk at 8am.

I’m seriously loving it. But I can definitely feel my natural body-clock becoming later and later.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #9: Sudden epiphanies & 5k runs

Yes yes, that’s right – me, Livi Crawford, ran 5k in 33 minutes without stopping for the first time since 2017.

I’ve actually not run for longer than approx 2.5k – often stopping for a bit throughout – since 2017, either. I did it for the Run for Heroes campaign as I was nominated on Instagram, but I’m trying to get in some big workouts here and there anyway. I’m trying to get a better exercise & treat-eating balance overall whilst in lockdown, however I’d be lying if I said it was going perfectly.

But I still did 5k in a pretty good time for a non-runner, so I’ll take that and run (excuse the pun).

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Holiday Reads Review: The 5 books I read on my honeymoon

If I had to pinpoint a scenario where I am most happy and content, it would be this:

Sunbathing in 30 degrees in a hot country, with an ice cold Diet Coke & a great novel. 

Aka the dream.

I appreciate my idea of a great novel could be somewhat different to others, so I’ll just clarify that before I dive into the review.

I think I could categorise my favourite genres into two; 1) Ethical/moral & suspense fiction (read – Jodi Picoult, Susan Lewis & Diane Chamberlain) and 2) Fluffy, romantic, chick lit fiction (read – Heidi Swain & Cressida McLaughlin).

And then there’s Harry Potter. Which I will just re-read until forever. But other than HP, I’m not a fan of many other fantasy novels.

So now you know where my preferences lie, you’ll have a good idea of whether to continue with this blog post or not.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #8: Entering the 3rd week of lockdown

It’s been nearly a week since my last post, I guess time really does fly when you’re doing absolutely nothing.

Today marks the 3rd week of my re-vamped blog being alive, which also means it marks the 3rd week of official lockdown – when the restrictions started for only going outside once a day, essential shopping and seeing no one that isn’t a person you live with.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this diary series was so that I had something in the future to look at and reflect one – just in case I ever forget how straight up weird this time of our lives was. 3 weeks in, it still seems surreal that this is actually our lives in 2020.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #7: A poorly PM and a poorly Mum, is this virus just going to get scarier?

I kind of miss the ‘good old days’ of early lockdown, where the things I was most worried about was how bored I was going to get, how access to evening snack-trips was going to be limited and the potential ruin of holidays.

With people who you’d seemingly think would be fairly resilient to the virus now getting seriously ill, the reality seems actually quite scary. Realise I may have been totally ignorant of this, as people were getting affected massively on a health level right from the outbreak, but this just hasn’t yet been my personal experience.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #6: Peaks & troughs of motivation

Since being in self-isolation – starting from the day we landed home from our honeymoon almost 3 weeks ago – my motivation has come in varying waves.

I don’t know if what I’m seeing is the norm, but my social media is full of people fitting into either one of two categories: Category A) Instagram lives every day, constant pics of their yoga session/HIIT session/weights session or Category B) people who are embracing the messy bun, constant PJs and biscuit tin.

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Honeymoon of a Lifetime: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Review

First off, it feels pretty weird to be writing a blog post about a place that is not my house, or a walking distance from my home – #lockdownlife and all that.

But exactly one day before Vietnam closed its borders to the UK, we arrived home from an absolutely amazing honeymoon in Phu Quoc. Covid-19 related shenanigans had kicked off before we went away, but they – very thankfully – didn’t start to get into full swing of office closures and cancelled events before the week we got home.

We fully appreciate how lucky we are, as we know people who have had to postpone their honeymoons and even weddings, so we are super grateful that we weren’t affected before.

So all that aside, here’s how we spent our first ever luxury holiday (very Couple’s Retreat vibes, in fact) as hubby & wifey, after getting married in November last year…

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