from journalism to psychology to childcare to public relations…

At the beginning of year 13, the words on everyone’s lips were ‘ucas’ ‘university’ ‘open days’ ‘personal statement’…the words on my lips? ‘I have no idea what to do with my life’ ‘what’s for dinner?’ ‘when’s the next party?’

As you can tell, planning my future wasn’t something I welcomed with open arms.

Unlike my older sister, who knew what she wanted to study at university since year 10 work experience, I had no idea until a month ago. I decided to take a year out to find a course I really had a passion for (this was after aimlessly walking around a few universities trying to convince myself a journalism course was what I really really wanted to do…I didn’t)

After a lot of strenuous effort, I managed to block all university related info teachers/my parents were drumming into me out. However, a year later, the dreaded ucas word came round again, and here I am!

At A-Level, I studied Psychology, English and French. I started browsing around Psychology courses, decided Psychology had too much Science-y, brain-y stuff in it (NOT my forté) so went onto look at Psychology with Child Development, and decided, as much as I like working with children, I couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. My dad helped me put all the things I enjoy doing together -writing, talking, languages, being sociable, social networking – and found public relations combines all of these. After lots of researching what pr actually involves and looking round unis, I realised it would be something I’d enjoy doing and am now very very excited to start next year!

I also need some pr work experience so if anyone’s looking…