PR in Education: are schools telling students if PR is the right career for them?

I mentioned a couple of blog posts back that I was planning this blog post. It’s something that’s kind of irked me for the last 3 years. I mean, it’s not, like, haunted my nightmares or anything, but it is something I often wondered about.

My school and careers advisers never told me that PR was a thing; I didn’t know it existed, I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t know that my A-Levels, talents and passions all tied in nicely to being a PR pro. We all know PR isn’t the most hugely studied course at uni, but how is it expected to be when 6th forms & colleges aren’t telling students PR is something they could consider studying?

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3 reasons why I’m looking forward to no longer being a student

I 100% in absolutely no way shape or form cannot at all believe that in 3 days time I will be starting my final…ever…term at Solent. When people say uni flies by, they are not lying – mark my words!

I have mixed feelings about finishing uni. Whilst I will miss living with friends, having the freedom of being able to do work from my bed and regular nights out, there are definitely things I’ve very much had enough of. This post is basically going to be about the things I won’t miss which, I know, sounds very whiny and negative but I’m more going for the optimistic-I’m-so-grown-up-now-and-ready-to-have-a-real-job approach (try and stick with me!)

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6 things uni has taught me so far

I was sitting here thinking about the 3 pieces of work I’ve got left of this year (whilst thinking about how all I want to do is be a size 8 lying on the beach in Bora Bora with the remaining members of One Direction) and it hit me that I ONLY have 3 pieces of work until I’m no longer a 2nd year. Like, I won’t even be able to pretend to be a fresher anymore. So, I decided to come up with a few things that I’ve learned over the last 2 years and what I want to get out of this summer before I return to uni a fully grown up and mature 3rd year student…probs.

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5 reasons PR is not the career for you

I’ll be honest with you, when I applied to university to study PR & Communications, I didn’t really know what I was going to be doing, but the UCAS deadline (along with my parents) was nagging away at me. Luckily, I soon found I loved PR. But just in case that doesn’t happen in your case, I’ve come up with 5 reasons that PR may not be the career for you.

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do you need a degree to work in PR?

The 2011 PRWeek/PRCA Census results showed that 89% of PR professionals have a degree. But, with the recent increase of student fees, not everyone wants/is able to spend 3+ years in education studying PR, which they could potentially work their way up in. So, is it possible to have just as good a career as someone who has a PR degree?

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5 ways students can get in the festive spirit (regardless of all the deadlines!)

I, like many other students reading this post, am in that current 1 week before it’s home time for the Christmas holidays; home to a house with central heating, food that isn’t the leftover scraps that need eating up and, most importantly, no. more. deadlines!!!!!! (well, apart from the deadlines that lecturers like to throw at you due for the first week of January…thanks.

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5 reasons why PR students should use social media

Before I start, I should just warn you I mean use social media as a platform to show off your PR-y self, not your slightly inebriated self!

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my tips for new PR students

This time last year I was close to starting my PR & Comms course at university and when I tried to find tips and advice for PR newbies online I couldn’t find many, so, I decided I’d come up with a few of my own… Continue reading “my tips for new PR students”

PR Interview #5; Catherine Warrilow, Seriously PR

In this interview, I’m talking to Catherine Warrilow from Seriously PR, based in Oxfordshire. Seriously PR is a travel, tourism and leisure agency and I was so drawn in by their bright, quirky and fun website I wanted to find out more about them!
Catherine Warrilow | Seriously PR
Catherine Warrilow | Seriously PR
Why did you first decide to start Seriously PR?

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PR Interview #2; Caroline Kinsey, Cirkle PR

Caroline Kinsey is the Chairman of Cirkle PR, which she set up 16 years ago after starting out in a career in Marketing. I spoke to her about her journey in PR so far, how she went from a degree in French to the Chairman of a top PR company and just how far a PR degree can go…

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