The Self-Isolation Diaries #13: Day 1038267 of lockdown

I say ‘Day 1038267’ of lockdown sarcastically, which many may interpret as me being sick to the teeth of it, but in fact I’m not and I’m ever increasingly in my element.

I’ve not done a diary entry in nearly a month because, well, I’m not so sure why. I basically was nearly furloughed, so I made lots of plans to transform my house/body/soul etc to preoccupy myself, but then I didn’t have to be furloughed anymore which was a massive relief. Although it did mean my house/body/soul transformation is yet to take place. But I felt like doing an entry this lunchtime, post beautifully sunny bank-holiday.

I think the motivation behind this entry is that its starting to seem like country and businesses are going to start, slowly but surely, re-opening. And I’ll be honest – I feel insanely unsettled by the whole thing.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #12: Major life changes & 50k May

It’s been over a week since my last diary entry, which is mostly down to my brain feeling like its full of 104 other things. Kind of ironic, given the purpose of most diaries and journals is to vent these feelings, but instead I’ve chosen to spend even more time than usual on the sofa watching Disney+ and Netflix.

Last week I found out I was going to be making full use of the government’s furlough scheme and stopping work from 8th May until (apparently) the 1st July – whether that will be the case, time can only tell. I’ve been at my job for close to three and a half years, with the longest time away being just in March this year for my honeymoon – so wrapping my head around a world with no work has taken a while to adjust to.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #9: Sudden epiphanies & 5k runs

Yes yes, that’s right – me, Livi Crawford, ran 5k in 33 minutes without stopping for the first time since 2017.

I’ve actually not run for longer than approx 2.5k – often stopping for a bit throughout – since 2017, either. I did it for the Run for Heroes campaign as I was nominated on Instagram, but I’m trying to get in some big workouts here and there anyway. I’m trying to get a better exercise & treat-eating balance overall whilst in lockdown, however I’d be lying if I said it was going perfectly.

But I still did 5k in a pretty good time for a non-runner, so I’ll take that and run (excuse the pun).

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