“A lot can happen in a year…”

One year ago today I was just about to embark on an end of uni trip to Paris, celebrating getting 83% in my dissertation and finding out I’d landed my first post-grad job (thanks Timehop – my memory would be nothing without you). And it’s true. A lot can happen in a year.

I was quite happy, can you tell?

I was inspired to write this post this evening after finding out the prize for the CIPR Wessex Student of the Year 2017 had been awarded to this year’s winner and I was no longer the title-holder, after finding out I won the 2016  prize around this time last year (man, June was a busy time for me last year?!). No hard feelings though, I couldn’t be happier to hand my title over to the fabulous Laura Bradley! Congratulations girl!

Speaking to Laura earlier today really got me thinking about just how much has happened this last year – in terms of both my transition from PR student to PR graduate and now to girl-who-works-in-digital-PR-and-kind-of-has-her-life-together; I’ve been on five holidays, worked in two jobs, moved out, been to my first funeral for a member of my own family, written off one car (eye roll – but we don’t really have to talk about that), been invited to speak to PR students in Belfast and persevered with my long haul journey to lose weight and get fit and healthy (which involved also going down two shoe sizes. TWO!) to name just a few.

It’s been a good year. And a successful one. This time a year ago I 100% didn’t know that the job I’d just landed – what I thought would be my dream job – would turn out to 100% not be my dream job, but I know I would have been so glad to be five months deep into a job that I see as the just the start of my career in digital PR.

Also, a big thank you to Wessex CIPR – it’s been a good year being Wessex’ PR Student of the Year and it’s provided me with opportunities that I’ll be ever grateful for (and I’m still going to keep it in my Twitter bio for a little while longer).

L x

The final push…reflecting on the last 3 years

In FIVE days time I will have finished uni forever!!

I still remember sitting in my room in halls at 1am re-vamping my blog, which was then wonderfulworldxoxo.wordpress.com (WHY????), and turning it into a PR blog. I remember getting my first ever First for an assignment. I remember winning my first blogging competition…I remember winning my second ever blogging competition! I remember being asked to hold my first WordPress Workshop. I remember being asked to contribute for PR Stack 2. I remember my taster day and having to design a campaign around donuts. I remember going back the following year to chat to potential students doing the donut campaign!

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Final year update!

So, it may seem like I have officially dropped off of the PR blogger-sphere but fear not, I am still here, it’s just I am currently buried to the neck in dissertation surveys, dissertation interviews, portfolios and client pitches. What the dreams of every 3rd year student are made of, eh?! I’ve made a little update to justify explain my quietness on Live Love Laugh PR, why my once upon a time frequent nights out are now very rare and to just give you a general update on life!

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A Very PR Christmas #1: the PR gift guide

Welcome to part 1 of my Christmas blog series! I really wanted to introduce some festivity into my blog over the holiday season, but I found hardly any PR themed Christmas blog posts…so I decided to do my own! Every Friday over the next 5 weeks (with a break on Christmas day!), I’ll be sharing a PR & Christmas themed post.

This first post is…a PR pro gift guide. Got a daughter at uni who’s about to graduate in PR and would love all the PR related gifts possible? (yes mum and dad, I’m talking to you) then keep a’ reading! I did a similar post earlier in the year and it seemed to go down a treat traffic wise, so here is a Christmas edition…

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My 5 top tips for staying motivated over the Christmas holidays

Now I don’t know about you, but uni work can often get forgotten amongst all the christmassy food, films, socialising and did I mention food? As a 3rd year uni student who has approximately 9,345 words left of a dissertation to write (don’t tell my dissertation tutor that!), I need to make sure I actually stay on top of my work whilst still enjoying  Love Actually with a box of Celebrations on my lap. So here are a few of my top tips to keeping that work/Christmas fun balance…

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Reflection: last year’s September goals of a PR girl

Helllloooo there!! So I’ve been fairly MIA over the summer on Live Love Laugh PR, but my blogging hiatus has officially ended and I am about to embark on my third and final year as a PR student….erm sorry what?!! Feels like yesterday I moved into halls!

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do you need a degree to work in PR?

The 2011 PRWeek/PRCA Census results showed that 89% of PR professionals have a degree. But, with the recent increase of student fees, not everyone wants/is able to spend 3+ years in education studying PR, which they could potentially work their way up in. So, is it possible to have just as good a career as someone who has a PR degree?

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