Final year update!

So, it may seem like I have officially dropped off of the PR blogger-sphere but fear not, I am still here, it’s just I am currently buried to the neck in dissertation surveys, dissertation interviews, portfolios and client pitches. What the dreams of every 3rd year student are made of, eh?! I’ve made a little update to justify explain my quietness on Live Love Laugh PR, why my once upon a time frequent nights out are now very rare and to just give you a general update on life!

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5 tips on choosing a PR dissertation topic

Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation. The words on 90% of me and my fellow 3rd years’ lips atm (along with ‘shall we buy snacks?’ and ‘what time is Gogglebox on?’). The aim of this blog post is to help PR students like myself have an epiphany, which I had about a week and a half ago, about finding an area of PR that you won’t get bored of 2,000 words in.

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