The Self-Isolation Diaries #13: Day 1038267 of lockdown

I say ‘Day 1038267’ of lockdown sarcastically, which many may interpret as me being sick to the teeth of it, but in fact I’m not and I’m ever increasingly in my element.

I’ve not done a diary entry in nearly a month because, well, I’m not so sure why. I basically was nearly furloughed, so I made lots of plans to transform my house/body/soul etc to preoccupy myself, but then I didn’t have to be furloughed anymore which was a massive relief. Although it did mean my house/body/soul transformation is yet to take place. But I felt like doing an entry this lunchtime, post beautifully sunny bank-holiday.

I think the motivation behind this entry is that its starting to seem like country and businesses are going to start, slowly but surely, re-opening. And I’ll be honest – I feel insanely unsettled by the whole thing.

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