3 reasons why I’m looking forward to no longer being a student

I 100% in absolutely no way shape or form cannot at all believe that in 3 days time I will be starting my final…ever…term at Solent. When people say uni flies by, they are not lying – mark my words!

I have mixed feelings about finishing uni. Whilst I will miss living with friends, having the freedom of being able to do work from my bed and regular nights out, there are definitely things I’ve very much had enough of. This post is basically going to be about the things I won’t miss which, I know, sounds very whiny and negative but I’m more going for the optimistic-I’m-so-grown-up-now-and-ready-to-have-a-real-job approach (try and stick with me!)

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5 tips on choosing a PR dissertation topic

Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation. The words on 90% of me and my fellow 3rd years’ lips atm (along with ‘shall we buy snacks?’ and ‘what time is Gogglebox on?’). The aim of this blog post is to help PR students like myself have an epiphany, which I had about a week and a half ago, about finding an area of PR that you won’t get bored of 2,000 words in.

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