The Self-Isolation Diaries #5: Is it just me, or are weekends in lockdown actually quite fun?

So it turns out Monday mornings roll around far too fast, even when you’ve only left the house for your allocated daily walk all weekend long.

I spent Friday in a similar way to how I would in ‘real life’ – drinking too much. ‘Zoom Drinks’ are my favourite invention, and House Party is the invention none of us knew we needed. We set our best friends up on the footstool, played games, chatted and drank a fair amount of wine & prosecco. Perfect.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #4: Anxiety & the weekend countdown…kind of

Even though I’ve been feeling lots better about being in lockdown/self-isolation for the foreseeable, my newly found anxiety symptoms are still appearing every few days or so.

I’m working out what makes the symptoms ease off, which helps, but it’s still frustrating. Yesterday’s bout of achey chest was seemingly brought on by feeling a little unwell. Nothing crazy or intense, but we’re all over-analysing every ache at the moment aren’t we?! I also read this story of a girl local to me who sadly passed away from the virus this week and had no underlying health issues. Very sad and scary stuff.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #3: Achieving things in lockdown

After saying yesterday that I was feeling a lot lighter about the whole lockdown situation now we have a bit more of a concrete idea of how long this could last (whether it will be 3 weeks or not is a different question, I know) and the launch of Disney+ UK only made that better. So I decided to delve into the creation of an actual ‘daily timetable’.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #2: Lockdown, £100 supermarket shop & Disney+ UK launch

Yesterday we got more ‘official’ rules and guidelines as to what ‘stay home’ means (in case it wasn’t clear enough) and, rather than feeling more stressed out about the limitations, today I’ve actually felt lighter than I have in around a week.

I think its partly because we at least have a potential finish date in place now – 3 weeks time, which takes us to just after Easter weekend – which is more concrete than I feel we’ve had so far. Even if it changes, it’s still something.

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The Self-Isolation Diaries #1: Finding positives in the unknown

When I kept having niggling thoughts about wanting to re-vamp my blog – formerly Live Love Laugh PR – so that it had less of an emphasis on 1) the cliché mantra-for-your-teenage-bedroom-wall-aged-18 and 2) being strictly just limited to PR, I didn’t think it would take the incoming of a virus affecting the whole entire world to give me the kick to do it.

But here we are. With a brand new ~ married ~ name.

There’s a few things I think I want to write about, I don’t fully know what they’ll be yet, but I mostly wanted to almost journal about what the heck is going on at the moment. Not in so much as talking about the science-y or health-y stuff, but to get all the other stuff out my brain and on paper. Plus there’s literally nothing else to do, so that’s a major motivator too.

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