Honeymoon of a Lifetime: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Review

First off, it feels pretty weird to be writing a blog post about a place that is not my house, or a walking distance from my home – #lockdownlife and all that.

But exactly one day before Vietnam closed its borders to the UK, we arrived home from an absolutely amazing honeymoon in Phu Quoc. Covid-19 related shenanigans had kicked off before we went away, but they – very thankfully – didn’t start to get into full swing of office closures and cancelled events before the week we got home.

We fully appreciate how lucky we are, as we know people who have had to postpone their honeymoons and even weddings, so we are super grateful that we weren’t affected before.

So all that aside, here’s how we spent our first ever luxury holiday (very Couple’s Retreat vibes, in fact) as hubby & wifey, after getting married in November last year…

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