About Me

Newlywed. PR & SEO. Writer. Reader. Netflix-watcher.

Up until November 2019 when I married my love, my surname was Wilkes. I generally go by Livi, but since changing my surname I leapt at the chance of sounding like I owned a wedding dress boutique with the name Olivia Crawford.

This blog was formerly Live Love Laugh PR (old blog posts not deleted, many of which are on private for now – I may re-publicise some more of them in due course depending on the direction this blog takes), but since my career took a natural transition into a more client-facing role, my blog niche of PR didn’t feel like the right fit much more.

Up until Covid-19 hit, I didn’t like the fact I had a neglected blog but nothing was clear to me around what I should write about. It’s still not really clear to me, but what I do know is I have a whole lot of thoughts and only my self-isolation partner in quarantine-crime husband to share them with.

Most of my Coronavirus/self-isolation/social distancing thoughts have been translated through Slack, video calls, Whatsapp – and now WordPress.

Let’s see how this goes….