About Me

Newlywed. PR & SEO. Writer. Reader. Netflix-watcher.

Up until November 2019 when I married my love, my surname was Wilkes. I generally go by Livi, but since changing my surname I leapt at the chance of sounding like I owned a wedding dress boutique with the name Olivia Crawford.

This blog was formerly Live Love Laugh PR (old public relations focussed blog posts not deleted, many of them are just on private for now – I may re-publicise some more of them in due course depending on the direction this blog takes), but since my career took a natural transition into a more client-facing role, I didn’t want my original blog niche of PR to be my sole focus anymore.

I’m in the process of transitioning my love of light-hearted romantic fiction into writing my first light-hearted romantic (fondly referred to as chick-lit) novel. So hopefully that brings with it a whole host of fun, learnings & getting lost with my characters.

Up until Covid-19 hit, I didn’t like the fact I had a neglected blog but nothing was clear to me around what I should write about. It’s still not really clear to me, but what I do know is I have a whole lot of thoughts and only my self-isolation partner in quarantine-crime husband to share them with.

I guess we’ll just see how this goes….