The Self-Isolation Diaries #11: Brushing up on my French & embracing my inner introvert

Another day, another new hobby/skill to improve in lockdown/way to waste time.

Yesterday I came across this website – Duolingo – a (free!) website and app with more than 30 languages available to learn. It’s also broken down into 10 minute sessions, so you can do a little bit every day.

I love everything to do with France – the country, the weather, the language, the people. Most likely thanks to my family holiday-ing there every year, and my dad also lived there for work for 5ish years – he had a gorgeous house outside of Paris which we went to a lot.

Looking back, I know that I made life-long memories in that house that I’ll be able to share with my future family and also hopefully use as settings for future books.

Here’s a pic:

(The house in the distance of the first photo was my dad’s house – what a dreamy book setting right?!!)

French was also one of my best subjects at school, so I did it for GCSE and A-Level too. But since then, aside from regular gorgeous holidays over there, my Francais doesn’t get much practaisice.

I saw an article on the Metro which featured Duolingo so thought it was worth checking out, and I’m loving it so far.

I’ve only done a couple of the lessons so far, but it’s nice to re-familiarise myself with the basics, such as the masculine & feminine rules etc.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.13.35

This week seems to have flown by. It’s my first 5 day week in a while, but I guess the removal of the commute etc means that the ‘boring’ parts of my usual routine have been eliminated, which I’m sure contributes to the faster weeks.

My weekend is full of social distance socialising, and I’m part of the ~ this is a bit intense and overwhelming ~ group of people when it comes to video calls, quizzes and all that jazz. To me, it feels just the same as if I had plans with people face to face – so when we have virtual plans Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I feel like I just want to get in bed and not leave.

When lockdown started I really panicked for myself as an extravert, but now I’m feeling like my introvert tendencies are really showing through.

I’m sure all our plans will be lovely, but me and my sofa, my book and my Disney+ subscription are getting more of a close bond than ever before with lockdown.

Not sure whether lockdown has changed me, or if I’m just more in tune with myself than I have been til now. Cos we have a lot more time to get in tune with ourselves, don’t we really.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.13.50

I’ll let you know if virtual Monopoly is successful….

Chat soon x 

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