The Self-Isolation Diaries #7: A poorly PM and a poorly Mum, is this virus just going to get scarier?

I kind of miss the ‘good old days’ of early lockdown, where the things I was most worried about was how bored I was going to get, how access to evening snack-trips was going to be limited and the potential ruin of holidays.

With people who you’d seemingly think would be fairly resilient to the virus now getting seriously ill, the reality seems actually quite scary. Realise I may have been totally ignorant of this, as people were getting affected massively on a health level right from the outbreak, but this just hasn’t yet been my personal experience.

Firstly, our holiday to New York in early June is pretty much off the cards, but I’m kind of absolutely fine with that. The no snacks thing is actually doing a bit of wonder to my waistline and Disney+ has solved any boredom concerns.

But in the last week, the PM has not only had serious symptoms for the virus, he’s in intensive care and – on a more personal level – my mum is unwell. Obviously she’s not been tested yet, and she doesn’t have every single one of the symptoms, but the chances of it being the super contagious rona is relatively high at this stage, no?

A friend of mine at church’s husband is currently ill with it and has been for 2 weeks – but it’s only now that his symptoms are severe enough that he may require hospital and oxygen support. 2 weeks for the worst symptoms to show?! How bloody scary is that.

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.06.36

With Easter coming up, I’m looking forward to a few days away from my makeshift dining table desk, and having some time for baking/eating/focussing on what I believe Easter is all about.

It will be the first Easter ever without my family roast and Easter eggs but hey ho, everyone is in the same boat (and if you are thinking of having a big family get together for a roast and Easter egg hunt, just don’t).

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.06.43

Last year’s Easter weekend saw a bank holiday of amazing sunshine, which I’m hoping for again this year but I’m not sure it’s on the cards. One of my biggest loves in the world is sunbathing with a good book – like, I genuinely don’t think life can get better than being on holiday doing exactly that, accompanied by Diet Coke and Prosecco in equal measure.

Netflix and Disney+ has been consuming my free time at the moment, which I am fully okay with, but as an avid Harry Potter fan, I always have a HP book on the go. Usually alongside another book – reading the two in tandem – as HP is the only series I’ll re-read over and over again until forever. It doesn’t require a whole load of my brainpower anymore hence why I read the two at once.

As we went straight into isolation from returning from our honeymoon on the 14th March – where I ready 7 books in 10 days – I’ve still read a fair amount of books this year so far, but I’d love some time in the sun to settle down with HP and perhaps a new book, too.

Th sun just improves everything a little bit, right?

Chat soon x

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