The Self-Isolation Diaries #5: Is it just me, or are weekends in lockdown actually quite fun?

So it turns out Monday mornings roll around far too fast, even when you’ve only left the house for your allocated daily walk all weekend long.

I spent Friday in a similar way to how I would in ‘real life’ – drinking too much. ‘Zoom Drinks’ are my favourite invention, and House Party is the invention none of us knew we needed. We set our best friends up on the footstool, played games, chatted and drank a fair amount of wine & prosecco. Perfect.

I think for me, a hangover isn’t even a big deal right now, because there’s absolutely nothing to do the next day – the perfect way to spend a hangover.

Saturday saw me watch FOUR movies on Disney+, whilst eating a pint of Vegan ice-cream and having intermittent naps. Like, how is that not the dream? Sunday saw me make a start of Module 2 in my book writing course, carry on with my movie marathon, and also do some deep cleaning throughout the house.

All in all, I’m not mad that this was my weekend. But it seems the Monday Blues still exist, even when the commute is out of the picture.

I miss my family – especially as my parent’s foster children who have been living with them for 8 months will be leaving this week. But video calls and Whatsapp groups are doing okay at filling that gap.

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 11.12.25

While last week I felt motivated at life – and excited to use this weird situation as an opportunity to sort and organise my house, learn some new skills and make the most of my sofa and watching movies – today I’ve woken up a little less ‘on the ball’.

Everything seems like a chore, if that makes sense. As in, this new routine is getting boring, but there’s no other routine to mix it up with. I can’t change my routine at the gym, I can’t change where I’m working from – even meal times seem boring now. Everything is just so, same-y.

Meh. Maybe it’s just the Monday Blues. But I hope this feeling of ‘nothing to look forward to’ subsides soon, even if it’s just a little bit.

So I guess that’s a good lead in to the gratitude round-up. Even if I’m clutching at straws, it’s still important to kick myself and remember life could of course be so much worse…

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 11.12.37

I also just heard Scott & Chris say on Radio 1 that 24 Years at the Tap End will be making a comeback which, I don’t think I can emphasise enough, makes my life. When I finished 6th form, before I started my gap year job, I worked at a friend of mine’s Dad’s business doing a labelling and packaging job and this feature was a highlight.

So I guess that’s another thing to add to the gratitude list for today.

We’re expecting another lockdown update in the next couple of days, so that’s unlikely to be the most cheery of news, but on the flipside it’s better to like feel like we’re in the loop!

Hopefully the diary entries for the rest of the week are a little chirpier, but until then…

Chat soon x

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