Honeymoon of a Lifetime: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc Review

First off, it feels pretty weird to be writing a blog post about a place that is not my house, or a walking distance from my home – #lockdownlife and all that.

But exactly one day before Vietnam closed its borders to the UK, we arrived home from an absolutely amazing honeymoon in Phu Quoc. Covid-19 related shenanigans had kicked off before we went away, but they – very thankfully – didn’t start to get into full swing of office closures and cancelled events before the week we got home.

We fully appreciate how lucky we are, as we know people who have had to postpone their honeymoons and even weddings, so we are super grateful that we weren’t affected before.

So all that aside, here’s how we spent our first ever luxury holiday (very Couple’s Retreat vibes, in fact) as hubby & wifey, after getting married in November last year…


As soon as we found Fusion Resort in Phu Quoc, there was pretty much no other contender in where we wanted to spend our honeymoon. For half the price of what it would cost us to have a similar experience in the likes of the Caribbean or Maldives, we were able to have a private villa, with a private pool, an all-inclusive spa and more. Absolute dream.



We spent our days sleeping, sunbathing, reading – I read 7 books in 10 days in total, which I’ll do a blog post on soon as some were larrrvely, and there’s nothing more than a range of great books when on holiday – eating, drinking (cocktails could be delivered to your villa or, at one of the main pools that overlooked the private beach, you could press a button next to your sunbed and one of their lovely members of staff came to take your order. OBSESSED).


We also absolutely loved the food. We opted for Vietnamese, traditional options mostly, but I also had an amazing pizza one evening, and a burger another. Both fab.


However, a highlight for food for us was the breakfast. Oh. My. Goodness.

So there was the option to go into a restaurant for a buffet style breakfast, but we only did this once – it was a good thing too, as the choice was INSANE and we would have put on a ridiculous amount weight. But the resort does an amazing option of ‘breakfast anytime, anywhere’ – essentially, they will bring you your breakfast – which you order from the TV – any time of day to anywhere you want it. Whether that’s your villa, your villa garden or even the resort’s private beach.

We opted for the villa garden most days, and they had such a great variety. I always went for the ‘pastry selection’ which was different every day – my faves were the doughnuts, brioche bread and the croissants – and a tropical fruit platter, which also varied every day. My new fave fruit is dragonfruit, it was exactly the refreshing fruit you want on a 31 degree day. Husband opted for the hot options, with bacon, sausages & eggs in a few different styles. I MISS THIS!


An amazing USP for the resort is the all-inclusive spa, with two treatments a day included in the overall cost of the holiday. The range of treatments was pretty big, so I mostly opted for a new one every day, repeating a couple of faves. Mostly loved my shellac nails & foot treatment, traditional Vietnamese massages and a moisturising body wrap.

They also offer a few excursions and activities on their private beach for free, I only did one which was snorkelling and I was super surprised to love it a lot!


I really wish I had a super cool underwater camera so I could have taken photos of the cool fishes and coral. I had been nervous before going, but it turned out to be a holiday highlight!


There’s actually no negatives of the holiday or resort that I could even pick fault with. Aside from our last couple of days being a little unsettling due to a few stories cropping up around people getting stuck in Vietnam due to Corona. Thankfully though, our journey home was pretty much as smooth as it could be.

On the whole, I would give my last remaining lockdown snack stash to be back. So worth the money, and exactly what I had always imagined my dream, luxury honeymoon being like.

Check it out for yourself here!







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