The Self-Isolation Diaries #4: Anxiety & the weekend countdown…kind of

Even though I’ve been feeling lots better about being in lockdown/self-isolation for the foreseeable, my newly found anxiety symptoms are still appearing every few days or so.

I’m working out what makes the symptoms ease off, which helps, but it’s still frustrating. Yesterday’s bout of achey chest was seemingly brought on by feeling a little unwell. Nothing crazy or intense, but we’re all over-analysing every ache at the moment aren’t we?! I also read this story of a girl local to me who sadly passed away from the virus this week and had no underlying health issues. Very sad and scary stuff.

But hey-ho, it didn’t last long, and I know pre-occupying myself with some sort of movement/tidying up/anything that doesn’t involve lounging around and overthinking things helps.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 16.23.25

I also can’t emphasise enough how much Radio 1 is bringing me life at the moment – it’s literally like having some colleagues chattering away around me with intermittent music. They’re also being really transparent about how they’re working to stay safe and compliant with social distancing rules, and they’ve even announced a skeleton staff style approach too which is so positive to see. I love how their news team are set up at home – imagine having that set up in your living room.

If you haven’t heard Nick Grimshaw’s impression of Annie Mac’s homeschooling you must listen – I was cry laughing.

It’s weird to say but I’m almost looking forward to the weekend. Work has been great for my routine, and as I love what I do it’s not like I’m getting distracted by anything at home, but the thought of lying on my sofa all Saturday, doing some baking and drinking wine is all rather appealing right now.

It’s hardly a ‘HAPPY FRI-YAY’ situation, but I still have a bit of that Friday feeling.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 16.23.32

On our walk (within the 1 hour time allowance & staying close to home) earlier, we spotted a policeman on a path near us keeping an eye on the open spaces. It’s quite encouraging, especially as some people on our street don’t seem to be getting it. I’m not sure why as its been made so much more clear these last few days, but it’s reassuring to know the police are on it even in quiet areas like where we live.

I’ve finished work for the day and now I’m going to be doing my home sort-out of the day, which I spoke about in yesterday’s post – today’s very exciting room to deep clean and sort is the downstairs toilet, how riveting hahaa. Followed by a hot bath & perhaps even a pre-weekend glass of prosecco.

Chat soon x


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