The Self-Isolation Diaries #3: Achieving things in lockdown

After saying yesterday that I was feeling a lot lighter about the whole lockdown situation now we have a bit more of a concrete idea of how long this could last (whether it will be 3 weeks or not is a different question, I know) and the launch of Disney+ UK only made that better. So I decided to delve into the creation of an actual ‘daily timetable’.

Working from home is giving me a pretty good daily structure, but I still have a sense of wanting to actually achieve something in this whole palava. Lots of people are saying not to put pressure on yourself to do anything out of the ordinary or aim too high, but I feel kind of motivated to – I genuinely want to make the most of this weird situation.

I’ve made a note on my phone which looks like this for every day:


Essentially, these are 4 things I feel I should be doing every day in order to stay sane but also still have a sense of achievement in my life:

  • Exercise – Whether that’s just my daily allowance of a walk/run, a garden workout, or also a group virtual PT session some of the girls at work are going to start doing, I still want to be doing a bit of ‘something’ every day. My Samsung fit watch automatically picks up when I’m learning Tik Tok dances and logs that as exercise so I guess every little counts…!
  • Hobby – This blog! As well as the novel writing course I purchased yesterday, so we’ll see how I get on with that. Tik Tok could potentially fall into this category, too…so versatile…
  • Friends/family  – Video calls every day! Whether thats with one of my siblings, the whole family (absolute carnage when we tried this on mother’s day, but fortunately not so different from being altogether in person), or my friends. We’re going to try and attempt a virtual games night with some of our couple best friends this weekend, which will essentially involve drinking wine alone but together. I’m an extravert so when this all started I was mostly freaking out about how I’ll feel without seeing as many people as I usually do, so this helps
  • House – I’ve been getting *so* restless inside the house and I just want to sort, clean and overhaul every room. Obviously we just don’t have the means to do a whole renovation anymore (we had booked to have a flooring guy come over for to give us a quote for re-doing the whole house, but that had to cancel), and once we have de-cluttered, there’s not much we can do with clothes to take to charity etc. But I still want to feel as happy and content as possible within these 4 walls, so we’ll be doing some sort of clean and re-organisation every day (well that’s the plan, anyway)

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 15.50.05

*Info about the app I mention above here.

We’re still seeing people on our street chatting in the street and going into each other’s houses – I’m the kind of person to give a judgy glare rather than slag them off on our estate’s Facebook page (an approach some residents are taking) but it’s still baffling me that people can be so selfish and almost arrogant about it.

Especially as a couple of people in my close circle have symptoms just like Covid-19, it makes it so much more real and is the reason I’ll be staying inside aside from my daily 1 hour walk in the fields. We’ve all got to do our bit right?

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 15.50.13

I’m particularly thinking about those who are away from their partners at the moment. We may be getting on each others nerves occasionally, but there’s obvs no one else I’d want to be in lockdown with other than my husband, so I’m trying to be super aware of how lucky I am.

Chat soon x


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