The Self-Isolation Diaries #2: Lockdown, £100 supermarket shop & Disney+ UK launch

Yesterday we got more ‘official’ rules and guidelines as to what ‘stay home’ means (in case it wasn’t clear enough) and, rather than feeling more stressed out about the limitations, today I’ve actually felt lighter than I have in around a week.

I think its partly because we at least have a potential finish date in place now – 3 weeks time, which takes us to just after Easter weekend – which is more concrete than I feel we’ve had so far. Even if it changes, it’s still something.

I think it’s also thanks to some advice I got from my lovely line manager yesterday around the physical anxiety I’d been feeling in my chest, who said to try pinpointing triggers within the last 30 mins (as I’d been noticing that the chest flutters came when I was trying to ‘relax’ and do nothing). I was able to identify a couple of things – mainly when I didn’t leave my desk for 4 hours+ and let the restlessness build up rather than leaving my work for 5 mins, which is never a good recommendation.

That’s not to mean I didn’t freak out a little bit when venturing out for a final food shop before we lock ourselves away for the next 3 weeks (even though thats pretty much what we’ve been doing for the last 10 days). I mean, there was an actual person working at Morrisons coughing on the products he was stocking on the shelves?!! I know we’re all hyper-aware of germs at the moment, but isn’t that just a big no no even if we aren’t in the midst of a pandemic!?

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 16.18.16

Following on from that incident, you can imagine we swiftly charged through the most important area of the shop ~ the alcohol aisle ~ and proceeded to be charged £100 for it, mainly consisting of Prosecco, Quorn and Alpro milk. The exact necessities Boris had in mind I’m sure, but that’s us avoiding food shopping for the next 3 weeks if we can.

If there’s any motivation not to eat all the snacks in one go, this is absolutely it, so that we don’t have to venture out into this world that seems scary and full of germs right now.

In ‘real life’ I mostly prefer to make my own meals from food we have at home as I’m a bit of a money-saver, and also don’t like food waste, so I’m not struggling with making home-made meals.

My husband is the main dinner chef as he is the best chef I know (his first food video he did on Tik Tok got 4k views in 24 hours, not bitter at all) but breakfast & lunch we have different tastes (I prefer a veggie diet, and he prefers fry ups with extra bacon) so I’m trying to keep variety in my meals to at least keep some elements of this situation exciting.

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 16.18.27

Here’s some easy/tasty/throw-together breakfast & lunch faves from the past week or so far:

  • Smoothie bowl – I use frozen banana, chocolate Alpro milk, chia seeds, blend it all up and pour into a bowl as the frozen banana makes it a thick and creamy consistency. A sprinkle of granola on the top adds some crunch
  • Dinner leftovers – Can’t go wrong, and no food waste. I sometimes serve leftover curry, for example, with cous cous or bread or something different to what we had it with the night before
  • Mediterannean vibes – Slice of toast with hummus spread and a couple of chopped up falafels on top
  • Banana on toast with honey – I hear people think this is weird, but its not, its v nice. Don’t @ me

Chat soon x


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