The Self-Isolation Diaries #1: Finding positives in the unknown

When I kept having niggling thoughts about wanting to re-vamp my blog – formerly Live Love Laugh PR – so that it had less of an emphasis on 1) the cliché mantra-for-your-teenage-bedroom-wall-aged-18 and 2) being strictly just limited to PR, I didn’t think it would take the incoming of a virus affecting the whole entire world to give me the kick to do it.

But here we are. With a brand new ~ married ~ name.

There’s a few things I think I want to write about, I don’t fully know what they’ll be yet, but I mostly wanted to almost journal about what the heck is going on at the moment. Not in so much as talking about the science-y or health-y stuff, but to get all the other stuff out my brain and on paper. Plus there’s literally nothing else to do, so that’s a major motivator too.

Things like the impact of social-distancing as an extrovert, or what things can fill all this free time (mostly Tik Tok) and how, even though working from home is nothing new to me, it’s just, well, different now.

Having been diagnosed with OCD and having CBT for it a few years back, some forms of anxiety are not a new thing to me, but in the last 9 days I’ve experienced a physical anxiety that I’ve never had before – in that my chest was so tight I essentially thought my asthmatic lungs further abused by teenage years of social smoking had been taken over by corona, or alternatively my heart was simply palpitating straight out my body. So doing more things that I both enjoy and can do within the restraints of a 2 bed house has been top of my priority list – writing is one of them (and so are Tik Tok dances).

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 14.58.06

Inspired by the lovely Orlagh, who is currently living in NYC and has been doing a fabulous daily email with a ‘good news’ section, I’d also like to have a space on this blog to look at the positives that are going on right now. 

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 14.57.58

It looks like we’re gonna be here for a while, so we may as well find the positives wherever we can.

Chat soon x


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