New Year, New Me…(10 out of 10 for cliché blog post title?)

I feel like it was about 3 weeks ago I was writing my goals for 2016. Now, we’re nearing the end of the year and have I lived out some of my goals? Yup, and more! Have my goals changed massively? Even bigger YUP, AND MORE. This blog post is all about learning curves and what I’ve got lined up for 2017…


This time last year, I was starting on my dissertation with a plan to graduate with a First (check!) get a job working for a charity (check!) and really enjoy life (…uhhh, not so check). Anyone who’s followed my PR journey through Live Love Laugh PR will probably know that I alllllways thought I wanted to work for a charity. In fairness, I still might do in the future, but for a 22 year old fresh out of Uni it just didn’t turn out to be an environment I enjoyed or felt like I thrived in. I found it slow paced and not particularly challenging which, yeah, maybe some people would say ‘an easy job is an easy life!!’ blah blah blah, but that’s just not me. I always want to know more, learn more and create valuable work.

To gain a balance, I started back up doing some freelancing on the side which I’d done throughout uni, but full time freelancer was something that 1) has little financial stability for a recent graduate with a 2 grand overdraft, 2) I still didn’t feel like I knew enough and 3) I quite enjoy the feeling of working in a team.

So, what did I realise? I realised I wanted to work somewhere that is more fast paced, somewhere which has other experienced PR pros that I can learn from and that, most importantly, a job is supposed to be challenging…and that led me to look for PR agency jobs. I found an exciting role in a Digital Marketing Agency which I’ll be starting in January so I look forward to updating you all on that! I still see myself working for a charity a fair few years down the line and I’d love to be able to work as a freelancer when I have a family. But for now, I don’t think either of these things are for me.
Moral of this blog post:

  • Sometimes what you think is your ‘dream job’, just isn’t
  • If you aren’t happy, be proactive and sort it out
  • Dream jobs rarely land in our laps and we have to explore multiple things to find what makes us happy

I will be starting 2017 with a new job and, hopefully, it will be the start of a career that I love, work hard for and succeed in.

Livi x

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