Why I’m loving Tesco’s Food Love Stories campaign

  1. It involves food
  2. I LOVE storytelling
  3. You get actual recipe inspiration

Is there anything not to love about the Food Love Stories campaign by Tesco?!


I know it’s not a new one, but I honestly think it’s getting better with time. There’s not many brands that are able to push a campaign for almost a year without it going dry – well done Tesco.

As an avid Tesco shopper (I tried to convert to Aldi but I just couldn’t give up Tesco Finest) I first saw this campaign at the start of the year when the posters came up in the shop and then the adverts soon followed on TV.

What is Food Love Stories?

To give a quick summary, Food Love Stories is humanising the Tesco brand by creating ‘characters’ with relatable backgrounds, personalities and photos, who share their ‘favourite’ recipes. Their website provides a full backstory about each person, going into as much detail as a novel would. For example, Stu is a uni student who has a taste for beans on toast but, now he’s landed himself a GF, he’s upped his cooking game by perfecting a mac n cheese recipe and, ta da, you can find the recipe on the Tesco website.

Here’s a few of the reasons why I’m loving Food Love Stories:

It keeps up with the seasons

Since working in digital PR and content marketing, I’ve learned just how useful evergreen content can be. The majority of campaigns tend to run for a specific time and length, whether it’s part of a national awareness day or event, but Tesco have been creating new recipes and characters for different points throughout the year; Easter, summer and, most recently, Halloween.

Vanessa’s ‘Not So Scary’ Chocolate Slime Tart is featured on the front of the Love Stories section of the website now – along with a picture of a mum (who we can assume is Vanessa) and her son dressed up in Halloween costumes.

I can’t wait to see what they do for Christmas…Martha’s Mince Pies, perhaps?!

Humanising a brand is a great way to engage with current and new audiences

One of the biggest things that drew me to work in PR in the first place was my love for storytelling. Everything sounds better when it’s told as a story, right?!

By having ‘ordinary’ people featuring in a campaign, with stories aimed at everyone from mums to students and grandparents, people are able to relate to the brand – much more than they can to photoshopped people prancing around the beach in a bikini, for example.

I love personal aspects to campaigns, I feel as if it makes it more human and shows the brand is trying to get on their audience’s level. And Food Love Stories is nailing this.

There’s a clear call to action, but it’s one that the audience appreciates

Two things that tend to put me off content are 1) there’s no call to action/point to the content and 2) if there is a call to action, but it’s super pushy. For example, if a brand is really trying to shove it in my face that they want me to share their video – like, what happened to playing it cool?

The CTA in Food Love Stories is clear, and it’s obvious they’re looking for people to look at the recipes and buy the ingredients, but the recipes they offer are useful and provide ‘food inspo’ to shoppers. By creating Halloween recipes, for example, they’re creating something that people are looking for – therefore, no one feels like they’re being overwhelmed or pressured.

I mean, I’m no chef or baker (no matter how much I try to be), but this campaign kind of makes me want to be. That and GBBO.

What campaigns are you loving at the moment?

Liv x


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