The best PR campaigns of summer 2017

As autumn begins and summer officially draws to a close, I thought the first day of October would be the perfect time to take a look at some of the best PR stunts and campaigns we saw over the summer months.

Here’s some of my faves, what were some of yours?

1. ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’

The campaign: If us Brits stand united on anything, it’s our love of the classic crisp flavours. Walkers started up a competition (which closes on the 22nd of this month FYI) which pits 3 of their most popular flavours of crisps against a brand new flavour – consumers vote for their fave and the loser gets taken off the shelves. Pretty brutal, huh? Personally I’m more of a Doritos fan, but even I can still understand the horror we’re facing with the possibility of Prawn Cocktail crisps being replaced by Paprika. Paprika Walkers??? Really???

The PR impact: People are sharing their votes all over Twitter. Even fans of other crisp brands (like moi) are voting simply because they can understand the outrage that no longer having Salt and Vinegar crisps for sale would cause, and no one is ready for that.

2. The Marmite Gene Project 

The campaign: I was all over the campaign, just as Marmite is – quite literally – all over my toast. I’m a big fan. Marmite took full use of their ‘you love it or you hate it’ slogan and made a test to find out whether there actually is something in our genes that affects whether we like it or not. Basically, consumers film themselves eating Marmite on toast and the test picks up on elements of your facial expression to determine your score. The video doesn’t seem like the most scientific test (surely you could force yourself to smile throughout even if you hate the stuff?!) so the brand have also made a real DNA test kit which is a bit more scientific – for those who reallly want to know their results. Either way, it’s fun.

The PR impact: As the test needs users to have Marmite in their cupboards, which clearly haters of the product won’t have, the brand provide a free sample to those without – a nice touch.  The scientists behind the campaign also help it go beyond just a fun, gimmicky campaign to one with actual concrete scientific backing.

3. #PuberMe

Scrolling through Instagram this week, I kept seeing throwback photos of celebrities as teenagers with the hashtag Puerto Rico Relief. This campaign came about when Nick Kroll appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert in the US, with them asking celebrities to upload photos of them as teens – Stephen would donate to Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief in return, and Nick would double it. I don’t know about you, but I love campaigns with a charitable twist. Plus, we get to see the likes or Reese Witherspoon looking like this.

The PR impact: They’re raising money, we’re seeing throwback of our fave celebs and they’re making a big difference. Fab PR all round.

I wonder what campaigns and stunts we can expect to see over the Autumn? I’m mostly excited for the Christmas campaigns to launch…

Liv x


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