Life as a Digital PR Executive

It’s been a good month and a big bit since I last updated my lovely blog, but here I am!

Since finishing my last PR job for a charity just before Christmas, I ate my weight in pigs in blankets, celebrated New Years in Venice (it was AMAZING, honestly one of the best trips of my life) and started my new job as a Digital PR Executive at Aira, a digital marketing agency.


I thought it would be a nice idea to list a few things I’ve learned so far, so you soon-to-be-PR-grads can see if it might be something you want to explore, but the main thing is: I think I’ve actually found my thing. After thinking for a good 4 years that working a charity was going to be my thing, and swiftly realising it really wasn’t, I can’t describe the relief!

So, in the words of Kylie J, here’s what I’ve, like, you know, realised…


When checking out Aira’s website when I applied for my job, I stumbled across words like ‘PPC’ and ‘paid search’ which I hastily researched before my interview in case of any random quizzes on the meanings of digital marketing terms. Thankfully, no random quizzes have yet popped up but I’m slowly getting the hang of what these things are and how they all tie in with Digital PR. Digital marketing is made up of SEO, digital PR, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC and probably a couple of other things I’ve forgotten -but you get the gist. I don’t really work with the ‘techy’ side of the agency much, but I’m slow-w-w-w-wly getting to grips. And PPC stands for pay per click, FYI.

2. For your first job, working alongside an experienced PR person will help SO much

This was a major downside to my previous job; I was the only full-time PR person in the company. I’d finished uni 2 weeks before so could not even bluff being an ‘expert’, because I just wasn’t and, honestly, I found I wasn’t learning much. Being at Aira now, I’m working alongside people who know about and are experienced in PR & Marketing and it’s like a breath of fresh air I tell ya. For a first job, I’d really really advise getting experience in an agency or a PR department full of like-minded and experienced people.

3.  The key to a good brainstorming session? A good breakfast and a creative hat

This is one of my favourite parts of my job. I’ve only been here 3 weeks so I’ve not seen the whole process of a content idea being born in a brainstorming session, then being sent to developers to bring to life and then seeing it in the media, but I’m so looking forward to this. I’ve come in more at the pitching content to press stages, so I can’t wait to pitch an idea I’ve helped bring to life from the beginning. I’m a morning person – all my best creative works comes before I eat lunch really, so I prefer brainstorms in the morning. The days I’ve had a hobnob for breakfast I also struggle to think of anything coherent, so take that as ya will.

4. ‘Traditional PR’ still overlaps with Digital PR, but Digital PR is more my thing

I’ve talked about my thing a lot in this post, haven’t I? Well, it’s true. Whilst the fundamental aspects of traditional PR – media relations, press releases, coverage etc – are going to be needed in all types of PR, content creation and link building are so more up my street. I feel a bit daft having not realised that sooner due to all the digital-y stuff I did at uni and whilst freelancing, but at least I’ve realised it now eh!

5. The Sunday blues don’t have to be a thing

Ahh there’s my thing again. I don’t want this post to turn into slagging off my old job – it’s a perfect job for someone out there I’m sure, just not me – but because I wasn’t enjoying my week days I’d live for the weekend completely. Then, come 4pm on a Sunday evening I’d feel downright depressed about the week ahead. I mean, weekends will always go to fast – that’s just a given, but find the right job and you won’t dread 5 days of the week I promise.

Are any of you thinking of going into the digital world after uni? If so, check out Aira to find out more the world of digital marketing.  I really do think digital is the future of PR, but that’s a post for another day…

L x

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