Yes, I may have disappeared off the blogger-sphere temporarily. But I did graduate with a First and get a PR job in the meantime…

Helllo there!!

Yes, it’s been forever. I do apologise. Ever a girl with an excuse or 10 on her hands, here is mine:

I was doing this…


With a bit of this…


And this…


Also a bit of this (but not much, obvs)


But mainly a LOT of this…(curse you Pina Coladas, I wholly blame you for gaining half a stone in a week)


So you can see why I have been oh so very busy. I gallivanted around for a bit, whats a gal who GRADUATED WITH A FIRST CLASS HONORS DEGREE AND WON THE CIPR WESSEX PR STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD to do?! Yes, I was excited. And I celebrated a lot. But now, I am in my 3rd week of working as a PR & Communications Assistant at a small charity in Bucks. So far, so very good!

My next blog post will be next week, after I’ve officially been a working PR gal for a whole month (!!) and before I jet off on a 2 week holiday (hehehehe). So fear not, I am still here! I’m just learning the ropes, adjusting to waking up before 10am and wondering how to lose half a stone gained through Pina Coladas.

Liv xo

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