PR Interview #12: Arianne Williams, Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2016

It’s official – my reign as Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015 is over…but I couldn’t see a better PR student (very nearly graduate!) than Arianne Williams to be this year’s winner. I had a chat with her about her life as a PR student, her greatest achievements to date and her future as a PR pro…

Arianne Williams, Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2016

Congrats on the win, Arianne! Can you tell me a bit about your PR background?

I studied PR and French at the University of Sunderland and will be graduating this year. I’ve had some work experience in two PR agencies here in the North East, as well as having managed the social media for a national charity for almost two years. Most recently, I’ve been doing freelance PR, sourcing, creating and scheduling social media content for various clients.

Why did you decide to be a PR blogger?

Last summer, in between second and third year, I had a part-time job and had arranged my two work experience placements. But I wanted to do something to continue to study and follow the PR industry, to keep my mind working really! I decided to start a blog, initially just for my own benefit and planned for it to follow my final year studies. But I think it has now turned into a little more than that!

When you were shortlisted for the competition, how did you decide what blog posts to write?

I always try to post things that I am interested in, have an opinion on or that I want to learn about. I think when reading a blog post, you can tell when someone is passionate about it, so I try to let this shine through when I’m writing. My other main thought is trying to do something different each week, but still within the realms of PR. I just want to show how diverse and interesting this industry is, from a students perspective.

Obviously being crowned Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2016 has been a major achievment, but what have been your other favourite moments that have come from being a PR blogger?

It feels great to have named Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2016, it’s so rewarding to be recognised for something that you’ve worked so hard on and become passionate about – so that is a great achievement!

I’m also really pleased to have been asked to guest post on other blogs (just like this interview!) and there are currently a couple of new guests posts that I’ve written that will be up soon on various sites – watch this space!

My blog has opened up a number of opportunities too, for example I was approached about my current freelance role thanks to one of my blog posts. It has definitely been a worthwhile project to have started!

Where do you see yourself and your blog over the next few years?

I plan to carry on my blog just as long as I still have things to write about! I called my blog ‘PR Professional in Training’ so I did consider that I would stop blogging once finishing university. But I’ve found that PR is an industry where you are always learning, so I will carry on once I start work. I don’t have any set targets; as long as people are still reading, I’ll keep writing. Over the next year or so, I’d just love more followers, the chance to write and to host more guest posts and to still enjoy it!

Thank you Arianne – and a huge congratulations again!

Liv xo

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