PR Interview #11: Alisa Mcdonald, PR Student in Bangkok

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I last did a PR Interview hasn’t it?! This one is particularly exciting to me, as Alisa went to my secondary school but moved to Thailand and not so long ago she cropped up on my Facebook timeline as a PR student in Bangkok! So I, of course, had to find out more.

Read on to find out about studying PR in Bangkok from Alisa’s point of view…

Alisa Mcdonald

Hi Alisa! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a mixed Thai/ British PR student currently residing in Bangkok. I’m Scottish born but grew up in England and moved to Thailand when i was 16, which was around 4 years ago.

Can you talk to me about your university & course? 

Assumption University is a international university based in Bangkok, Thailand. The programs are taught in English with students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. I learnt about the university through my brother and was interested in studying aboard at the time. Find out more about the university, here.

How did you find out about PR? What made you want to study it?

My university offers a 4 year program where i was able to enrol into introduction courses and try out different subjects available before declaring my major. I’ve always been creative and got into media from a graphic design background. From that i chose to study communication arts where i was able to opt for Advertising, Public Relations, New Media and Performance Communication courses in my first two years at university. I was quickly drawn towards PR, it was more hands on rather than essay writing or studying for exams. There was a huge emphasis on group work. We came up with our own projects and were able to draft campaigns for actual clients. I enjoyed the fast paced environment and event planning so choosing Public Relations was a no brainer for me!

What has been your favourite aspect of PR that you’ve studied so far?

I enjoy working with people; attending Assumption University allowed me to experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds. This was both interesting and challenging at times. For our final project, my group and I were assigned a non profit organisation to PR for. We organised a mini marathon event to raise towels and awareness of Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation. It gave me so many invaluable lessons and life experiences, was one of the memorable things I’ve done throughout my academic years.

If you had stayed living in the UK, do you think you’d be studying PR now or doing something completely different?

I doubt I would be studying PR, just because i was never introduced to it during high school.

Do you have an idea of what you want to do after uni?

I definitely want to pursue a PR career in Asia; I’ll be starting an internship at a Marketing and Public Relations agency this summer. Hopefully that’ll give me a better idea of where I’m headed next. That’s also one of the reasons why I decided to study Public Relations, its everywhere and there’s so many options you can go for!

Thank you Alisa! I don’t know about you UK PR students reading this, but what was so interesting to me about Alisa’s interview is how much it overlaps with the exact work I’ve done over my 3 years studying PR; just this last term we created a non-profit campaign for a real life client. It seems PR is not so different around the world then, eh?!

Another thing that stood out to me from this interview is what Alisa said about PR not being introduced to her in school. I mentioned this in a recent blog post, but I think I’ll dedicate a whole post to it – the amount of people who didn’t hear about PR from college/school advisors etc is surprisingly high. How are supposed to know what to study at uni if we aren’t given options?! So stay tuned for that! Obviously, Alisa & I went to the same school so it isn’t surprising that neither of us were told about PR but the majority of my uni course were the same!

Thanks again, Alisa!

Liv xo

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