The final push…reflecting on the last 3 years

In FIVE days time I will have finished uni forever!!

I still remember sitting in my room in halls at 1am re-vamping my blog, which was then (WHY????), and turning it into a PR blog. I remember getting my first ever First for an assignment. I remember winning my first blogging competition…I remember winning my second ever blogging competition! I remember being asked to hold my first WordPress Workshop. I remember being asked to contribute for PR Stack 2. I remember my taster day and having to design a campaign around donuts. I remember going back the following year to chat to potential students doing the donut campaign!

Writing everything down like that makes me realise just how much I’ve accomplished in these last 3 years, and those are only the things I can remember off the top of my head! When they say uni is the best time of your life, I 100% agree; not only because its a right laugh, bed is never too far away and you don’t have to tell your mum where you are every minute of the day, but because you get a degree out of it that will make the next 40 (??) odd years of employment also a good time of your life.

I was one of those people that had no clue what I wanted to do at uni when I was at school (probably half to do with the fact that schools are NO help with setting out your options unless you want to study something like maths or history, but I’m saving that for another blog post) so the fact that in the last 3 years I’ve found a profession that I genuinely want to work in for the rest of my life is pretty cool. Then again, I could be doing a blog post in a few months saying that I HATE PR, but the chances are slim.

So my last exam is on Wednesday, then I’m going to bloody well relax and go on a couple of holidays, sleep in til 1 and watch movies to my hearts galore. Then I will embrace employment*. Fab. Until then, I should probably get back to revising Grunig and Dozier’s Excellence Theory…

Liv xo

  •  The employment search is going well! I have a 2nd interview for a charity in 2 weeks, but I won’t elaborate til things are set in stone 😉



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