It feels like yesterday I wrote my  blog post about choosing a dissertation topic  back in October, but here we are 7 months later and it’s all handed in!


Obligatory diss hand-in pic!

I won’t lie, I worked blooody hard on it and I would certainly say it’s been the unit I’ve enjoyed the most this year. 10,000 words ENJOYABLE?! Yup. In fact, the hardest part was staying within the 10,000 words! But, I suppose, as a lover of writing and doing research into a topic I’m genuinely interested in, this might not be too strange a concept.

I only have one exam in a couple of weeks and then, I feel very scared to say, I am done with uni forever!!!! Not sure how I’m going to feel about that, but I’m sure I’ll whip up a blog post full of my feelings about the matter in due course.

I’m also in the process of the job-hunt and stuck in a VERY tricky situation regarding wanting to work in a sector that doesn’t pay well but not wanting to under-sell myself. But I’ll update you on that when I’ve worked it out. Might just run-away to Madagascar for a year or so, who knows…

Liv xo

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