3 reasons why I’m looking forward to no longer being a student

I 100% in absolutely no way shape or form cannot at all believe that in 3 days time I will be starting my final…ever…term at Solent. When people say uni flies by, they are not lying – mark my words!

I have mixed feelings about finishing uni. Whilst I will miss living with friends, having the freedom of being able to do work from my bed and regular nights out, there are definitely things I’ve very much had enough of. This post is basically going to be about the things I won’t miss which, I know, sounds very whiny and negative but I’m more going for the optimistic-I’m-so-grown-up-now-and-ready-to-have-a-real-job approach (try and stick with me!)

No longer being in education

I had a gap year between sixth form and uni so I have had a small break from education, but I’m ready for it to be over completely. I’m in awe of my friends who have the motivation to do a Masters and whilst this is something I definitely want to consider in the future, now is not the time for me. When I say ‘education’, I don’t mean that I’m sick of learning – this isn’t the case at all – I’m just ready to learn things in a (paid!!) job environment. Whilst I do enjoy being a ‘student’, I think I’m more than ready to move on to ‘full-time adulthood’.

No longer being poor

Huuuuge one for me, and something I’m sure a lot of final year students can relate to! I regularly miss the days of my gap year when I had a regular income, could put petrol in my car without really thinking about it and didn’t have to come up with sob stories for my parents about how all my friends were going out and I was alone in my cold student house eating beans from a tin as an attempt for them to lend me money (worked every time FYI – thanks parents!) Also, I’m not going to rant about it on here, but I’m 10000000% sick of the totally unjust system that is Student Finance and, whilst I mention it, I PAY 9K A YEAR WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR PRINTING. Small rant over.

Being able to start the rest of my life…:)

Meh, call me boring, but I’m actually very excited to get on the property ladder, make money, have a family and go on holidays. Am I 45 yet? Maybe. The whole ‘lets stay up til 5am drinking when we have a 9am lecture’ thing just does not appeal to me anymore. I actually don’t know how I ever did that. I guess it’s just that thing called maturing, but I’m glad it’s happened. Heck, my ideal Friday night is a chinese takeaway and googlebox with the boyf. Maybe a glass of wine if we’re feeling wild. I don’t want to sound naive, I know adulthood isn’t all holidays and having pretty homes, but I’m ready to embrace it.

So there it is. In 3 days time I will be off to my last few lectures EVER. Uni life has been the best experience ever and I know I will never regret it (unless I fail my degree then I will probably regret it) (But the chances of that are slim). I’m also glad I survived because there have been a fair few mornings post-oceana when I could feel myself walking towards the light.

How are all you final year students feeling about life beyond uni!?

Liv xo 

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