Final year update!

So, it may seem like I have officially dropped off of the PR blogger-sphere but fear not, I am still here, it’s just I am currently buried to the neck in dissertation surveys, dissertation interviews, portfolios and client pitches. What the dreams of every 3rd year student are made of, eh?! I’ve made a little update to justify explain my quietness on Live Love Laugh PR, why my once upon a time frequent nights out are now very rare and to just give you a general update on life!

Did I ever have a life before dissertation?

It’s very hard to think back to those times. To be honest, I’m exaggerating. Writing my dissertation is my favourite unit of 3rd year and, in an ideal world, I wouldn’t have any other assignments on top of it and industry experts will be begging me to interview them for it, but, alas, it’s slightly the other way round. That’s not to say  I haven’t had some super helpful interviews, just that some of them are proving to be difficult – heads up, 2nd years! Get your interviews arranged BEFORE you actually need them!

I am no longer the Editor of the Solent PR Blog! 😦

Yes, made even sadder that it came up on my TimeHop today that I got the job exactly 2 years ago! However, I’ve made sure it’s been left in the capable hands of 2nd year Solent PR student Laura Bradley – who you might have seen on the #bestPRblogs series over on  thePRgirl.  Definitely check out her blog, she’s 100% a rising PR superstar.

The job search has commenced…dun dun duhhhhhh

I won’t lie to you, before about 3 weeks ago I didn’t even have a CV. My Dad, however, quickly made sure this was sorted out and gave me a lot of ‘motivational speeches’ which sounded an awful lot like: ‘YOU AREN’T SELLING YOURSELF TO BE AN A-GRADE PR STUDENT WITH THIS CV, IN FACT YOU AREN’T REALLY SELLING YOURSELF AS ANYTHING’….oh right cool, thanks…? But once I stopped sulking about that, I now have quite a good CV, even if I say so myself. So next stop, someone hire me pls?

So there you go, a little update from moi about what I’ve been doing! The end is most certainly in sight, though. I’m currently writing this from the comfort of my non-student house in Bucks and it looks a little like this:



How is everyone else’s 3rd year going?! Please reassure me that I’m not the only stressed PR student in the UK!

Liv xo

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