Passing on the Solent PR Blog Editor baton

My time as the Solent PR Blog Editor is at an end! I’ve had a wonderful 2 years, and without getting that position I probably wouldn’t have got into PR blogging and my lovely little Live Love Laugh PR wouldn’t be here!

Have a read of what my journey here 🙂

Liv xo


After just under two years of being the Solent PR Blog Editor, I am officially passing on my role!

img_06191 Livi Wilkes, Solent PR Blog Editor March 2014 – February 2016!

I became editor of the blog back in March 2014 after getting involved as a contributing writer then applying for the role of editor when it came up. I started my own blog in 2012 but it fizzled out as I had absolutely no niche whatsoever (go back to December 2012 on my personal blog and you’ll come across a blog post based solely around a Christmas jumper!). After becoming a contributing writer for Solent PR, I realised what my niche was…PR! I re-vamped my blog to be aimed at the PR world and, long story short, here I am – Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015 and just an overall blog lover. So, really, I owe it all to…

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