A Very PR Christmas #4: my goals for 2016

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2016?! I remember applying to uni back in 2012 and learning that I’d be in the 2013-2016 co-hort which seemed like bloomin’ ages away…somehow, I’m now 6ish months away from graduating! For my last post in my Christmas blog series I’ve come up with some goals for 2016…

Quickly, a very big thank you for everyone who has read this series – your comments and tweets are very much appreciated!

1 | Graduate!

Ok so I’d have to flunk fairly majorly to not graduate, but my goal is to graduate with a grade I’m happy with and, most importantly, feel like I deserve. Whilst this means resisting all the Oceana temptations and getting my head down pronto, it will also mean a very proud Livi and her parents which is all I’m aiming for, really!

2 | Get a fab (and relevant) job

Before I started uni I am not ashamed to admit I wasn’t 100% certain about what in the heck PR & Communications was. I like to think I’m now about 92% certain what it is. Turns out I love it and I know I definitely want to work in it and, even more specifically, the type of organisation I want to work for so I’ll be working towards that.

3 | Continue getting fitter…and skinnier

I’m not promoting being skinny at all (blah blah disclaimers and all) BUT I lost around 2 stone throughout 2015 – some of which is certainly back after Christmas celebrations – but one of my biggest goals is definitely to keep going with this journey. Be fit, healthy and look like Kylie Jenner…too much to ask for?

4 | Be independent 

I live at uni so I guess I am fairly independent to some extent, but I also feel like I’m ready to not scrounge off my parents any more. I love them and appreciate them and all, but I feel very ready to be a real life grown up now which will, hopefully, mean moving out over the next year…or year and a bit. Check in with me this time next year on  how that one goes..!

5 | Grow Live Love Laugh PR

Just because I’ll no longer be a student PR blogger, I still want to be a graduate PR blogger and then go on to be a pro PR blogger. I love my blog – writing, watching the traffic grow, meeting people in the industry – and it’s not something I’ll be slacking on any time soon. Although dissertation may have to occasionally take up priority….!

What are your goals for 2016?! Thanks again for reading my festive blog series – I’ve loved it!

Liv xo




2 thoughts on “A Very PR Christmas #4: my goals for 2016

  1. These are good, achievable goals. I wish you well – and am proud to have discovered your talent as a PR student blogger two years ago. This was formally recognised last academic year when you were named by Stephen Waddington as the best!

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