A Very PR Christmas #2: my top 3 Christmas campaigns 2015

I’m currently writing this blog post from the library, as my laptop had a very unfortunate run-in with some nail glue. A first world problem if I ever did hear one! BUT this post is number 2 of my Christmas blog series, wahoo! I’ve made a little list of my favourite Christmas campaigns from this year…

3 | Cath Kidston’s #cksantaselfie

At the end of November, Cath Kidston launched their #cksantaselfie campaign. Santa and his elves went to London and Manchester to kick off the selfie tour, and will be visiting Cath Kidston stores across England and Ireland to take selfies. Check out their blog to find out if they’ll be visiting a store near you! Whilst this hasn’t been the most talked about campaign this Christmas, I thought it deserved some recognition because it’s just quite cute and simple really!


2 | Man on the Moon

It probably didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that I’d mention the renowned John Lewis advert. Yes, it’s cute and lovely and tear-jerking and a good song, BUT, in terms of a PR campaign, John Lewis have pulled it out the bag. If you visit their website page dedicated to their moon-merch, you can see just how many man on the moon related things they’ve managed to come up with to, basically, get us all to buy our Christmas prezzies from them. From moon pjs, to a man on the moon app, to a collaboration with Age UK, to a lunar lookout at the Oxford Street branch – JL have truly thought of it all.

1 | KFC Friendship Bucket Test

This is my number 1 fave Xmas campaign for one reason…it is SO cute. And fun. And heart-warming. And I love it. I don’t even like KFC that much, but this advert I truly do love. Whilst it’s less of a campaign than John Lewis’ Man on the Moon, as they aren’t also selling cushions with chicken on,  it gets right to the heart of Christmas – love and friendship. Beautiful. Have a watch of the advert and feel happy and Christmassy and buy a KFC whilst Christmas shopping.


What’s been your fave Christmassy campaign this year? I’m super, ultra excited for next week’s post in my Christmas blog series so stay tuned! And, if you missed it, have a read of last weeks here...

Liv xo



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