A Very PR Christmas #1: the PR gift guide

Welcome to part 1 of my Christmas blog series! I really wanted to introduce some festivity into my blog over the holiday season, but I found hardly any PR themed Christmas blog posts…so I decided to do my own! Every Friday over the next 5 weeks (with a break on Christmas day!), I’ll be sharing a PR & Christmas themed post.

This first post is…a PR pro gift guide. Got a daughter at uni who’s about to graduate in PR and would love all the PR related gifts possible? (yes mum and dad, I’m talking to you) then keep a’ reading! I did a similar post earlier in the year and it seemed to go down a treat traffic wise, so here is a Christmas edition…

(N.B – I wasn’t paid or anything by these companies, I just genuinely think they’re fab prezzies).

1 | PR Wall Canvas

Can I just say, I had SO much fun making this on the website. Very tempted to buy it for myself but what can I say, I’m a broke student (mum – aimed at you again). I used this website to create this example, but there’s lots out there so have a browse!


2 | Social Media Key Ring

Who doesn’t love a quirky little PR related stocking filler?! You can’t go wrong with a good old key ring related to your industry! This website has loads of different ones to choose from, including a QR code one which, c’mon, you gotta admit is cool. This one is probably my favourite, bit of self-promotion on your car keys? Yes please!

pr key ring 1

3 | iPad Case

Us PR lot tend to have a mobile or tablet stuck to us 94% of the time, why not make that iPad a bit more personal to you? Not On The High Street sell personalised iPad cases that, similar to the wall art canvas, you can put any words on you fancy. Similar ones are available for phones and laptop cases, too! Unfortunately I couldn’t personalise this one on the website myself, so here is a bit about Hannah’s love of her dog and Ellie Goulding…but you get the idea!


4 | Personalised Stationary 

Is it possible to work in PR and not be a huge fan of stationary? Discuss. Vista Print have some great options, and you can preview your designs too so obvs I spent a while on that. FYI if anyone wants to buy me this Live Love Laugh PR pen, I will not stop you.


5 | Personalised Social Media Wine Glass

Yes, I have saved the best til last. This is probably the best gift out there for any PR professional out there who enjoys a tipple (or 8). Getting Personal have lots of personalised wine glasses available, but this one…has a hashtag. The PR pro wine drinking dream. This is what I would have if the present was for me…no hints intended.

pr girl wine glass

Hopefully this post gives you some ideas of Christmas prezzies to get your PR pro loved ones! Stay tuned for part 2 of my PR themed Christmas blog series…

Liv xo


3 thoughts on “A Very PR Christmas #1: the PR gift guide

  1. Oh my word! I really want number 5! How brilliant! Great post, Livi! Hope the hints land where they need to!

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