My 5 top tips for staying motivated over the Christmas holidays

Now I don’t know about you, but uni work can often get forgotten amongst all the christmassy food, films, socialising and did I mention food? As a 3rd year uni student who has approximately 9,345 words left of a dissertation to write (don’t tell my dissertation tutor that!), I need to make sure I actually stay on top of my work whilst still enjoying  Love Actually with a box of Celebrations on my lap. So here are a few of my top tips to keeping that work/Christmas fun balance…

1 | Do it sooner rather than later

In my opinion, I’d rather have got through the majority of my uni work before the Christmas aftermath of leftover food (turkey sandwiches, coronation turkey, turkey soup…), seeing relatives and enjoying prezzies. The build-up is, of course, fun, but probs more fun for a 7 year old. We are mature uni students now who are well aware of Santa’s true identity so, not unreasonably, we could spend that time getting through the work.

2 | Plan ahead

Sound a bit like my mum in this one, but if you know that you’re having a Christmas do on the 21st December so will therefore be hungover on the 22nd December, get some work done before the Christmas do so you can wallow in self pity whilst knowing you aren’t getting behind. Simple.

3 | Don’t forget to bring home your notes, books and assignment briefs

Sitting down to start your work then realising you have no materials to work with won’t be a fab start to your holidays. Before you go home, write a list of all the books you’ll need, all the details on your assignments and all your lecture notes. Also, you probably have a town library at home but it might not be as fully equipped as your uni library so don’t just rely on that.

4 | Stay in touch with the PR world

Whenever I need motivation to, ya know, remember that I am in fact a uni student and not a bum who stays in bed all day watching Netflix (a gal can dream), I like to have a read through Twitter and WordPress and see what my fellow PR students are up to. I find its really easy to forget uni life when I’m home surrounded by family and friends who, for the rest of the year aside from holidays, run in totally different circles to me. Fun fact: I started up my PR Interview blog series for this exact reason – to stay motivated when I’m away from studying PR.

5 | Have a well deserved Christmassy rest...

…and eat ALL the mince pies. Can’t be that much more damaging than pound a pint at Yates, can they?!

’tis the season to be jolly…and do uni work.

Liv xo

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