Reflection: last year’s September goals of a PR girl

Helllloooo there!! So I’ve been fairly MIA over the summer on Live Love Laugh PR, but my blogging hiatus has officially ended and I am about to embark on my third and final year as a PR student….erm sorry what?!! Feels like yesterday I moved into halls!

This time last year, I wrote this post about what my goals were for heading back to uni for second year and I’ve just read it back a year later. I can say about 2 and a half goals out of 4 were fulfilled…

1| Don’t miss out on any opportunities…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very skilled at ‘I’ll just watch a bit of netflix..’ then looking at the time and it’s 5pm and I’ve wasted my day. But, I can quite honestly say that over the last year I do not feel like I wasted any opportunities. None. I got involved in all the blogging/PR events and competitions I could. Some were enjoyable, some I probably could have gone without and some comps I won (Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015!) and some I didn’t but hey – at least I’m not thinking ‘what if…’. Especially because I passed second year with a First! 🙂

A super duper exciting opportunity I took on is to be involved in the 2nd PR Stack book which will be published in October! Yep – my name, writing and (hopefully helpful) expertise is going to be in a book!! I’ll keep you updated when it’s published.

2 | Exercise & eating clean…

So I didn’t start this one last September – although I wish I did – but I did start it in February time and so far I’m 1.5 stone lighter wooo! Still a bit more to go, but I’m happier, healthier and fitting into clothes I haven’t worn since year 11 so that’s a bonus. Although I’m not going to miss out on my last ever freshers by eating apples and drinking green tea whilst my friends party, I just won’t be eating the kebabs that generally follow.

3 | Read more books…

Okay, this is where the half bit from the first paragraph comes in. I read about 2 books between last September and the summer, but on my holiday I read about 5/6. I’ve just gotta admit, reading is just not as appealing as Netflix after doing a load of uni work. It is, however, very appealing when lying in 30 degree heat by a pool. So there’s that.

4 | Maybe, (just maybe!), look further into the world of YouTubing…

Yeah, this didn’t happen. It’s not ruled out for the future, but its a no for now. My passion lies with writing and blogging, not editing and cringing at my voice/double chin.

Blimey, a whole bloomin’ year?! 2 and a half out of 4 isn’t too bad though. In all honesty, my goals for this September/this year is SORT YOUR BLOODY DISSERTATION OUT, LIVI and just do my best and get the most out of my degree as I possibly can.

Good luck to everyone heading back to uni!

Liv xo


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