PR Interview #10: Crosby Noricks, PR Couture

I’m SO excited about this interview!! I’ve followed San Diego based PR Couture on Twitter since I started studying PR: I keep up to date on all their blog posts about the wide world of Public Relations, interviews with professionals and PR girl jewellry, clothing and stationary (yes! Look here). I spoke to founder of PR Couture, Crosby Noricks, all about how she found Public Relations, her PR spin on a fashion blog and the highlights of running PR Couture…

Crosby Noricks, PR Couture
Crosby Noricks, PR Couture
How did you decide you wanted to work in PR?
I discovered PR during graduate school. I was studying for a Master’s in Communication, with the intent to work as a creative director, and I discovered my PR coursework to be this interesting mix of strategy and words/images. At the same time, I was quickly taking on more PR and marketing responsibility at the online jewelry company where I was working. By the time I graduated (and had clocked in many hours pulling product for fashion editors, creating email newsletters and writing product copy), I knew my next step was working at a PR agency.
What jobs/internships etc did you have before founding PR Couture?
I never had a PR internship, the job working for the jewelry company was it, really. In college I had one summer internship in college for a women’s website, and worked retail and various work study jobs. I took a few years off in between and took on various jobs, including a stint in Barcelona.
How did PR Couture come about?
I wrote my Master’s Thesis on fashion PR, and wanted to continue to have a platform to reach out to those already working in the industry through interviews. I also wanted a place where I could continue to keep up on the industry I had studied so intently during grad school. 2006 was the beginning of fashion blogs, and I had done some agency-side blogger outreach, which I enjoyed very much. I decided to put a PR spin on the idea of a fashion blog, and PR Couture was born!
What have been your most significant highlights and setbacks throughout your time running PR Couture?
Up until 2 years ago, I ran PR Couture in addition to a full-time job, so I was in a constant push-pull around where to put my energy. That said, writing my first book, Ready to Launch, while working full-time as the Director of Social Media for a thriving digital marketing agency was a personal highlight. Additionally, the opportunity to build relationships with incredibly smart, driven people in this industry as well as events, like being sponsored by Microsoft to attend NYFW, will always be a highlight. Knowing that PR Couture helped people find jobs, or clients or just feel a little less confused or alone about how the space works is incredibly gratifying.
Do you have a Public Relations related degree? – Do you think a degree is necessary to work in this industry?
I have a BA in Media Studies and Gender/Feminist Studies and a MA in Communication. I don’t think a PR degree is necessary to succeed at all, but I’ve never regretted taking the time to get my MA – it made me a more strategic thinker, a better writer and helped put me on the path to where I am today.
Thank you, Crosby! Because I’d love to go up the career path of having my own business through my blog, I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to chat with you and find out more about how you did it! I hope other aspiring PR pro’s feel the same 🙂

Liv xo

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