Livi Wilkes, Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015

Eeek! I’m so excited to be writing this post! Richard Bailey, PR Practitioner and Editor of online PR magazine, Behind the Spin, started up a series of #bestPRblogs and each week he would highlight a selection of PR student blog posts that stood out to him and feature them on Behind the Spin. At the beginning of April, myself and 4 other PR students in Britan were shortlisted and had April to impress Stephen Waddington, past President of the CIPR. This morning, I was announced as the winner and I could not be more chuffed!

What is most humbling is that I blog because I love it, so being recognised so highly for something I love doing is such a lovely feeling! I was just saying to my mum on the phone last night that if I could pack up my bags and head to America with a few freelance blogging jobs lined up, I’d be one happy girl. Life goals right there!

I extend my thanks to Stephen Waddington and Richard Bailey for seeing my passion for blogging and also to Morta Jablonskaite, Simona Novakova, Ashley Keir-Bucknall and Lauren Old, congratulations! 🙂 You can read what Stephen said about the finalists here!

Liv xo

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4 thoughts on “Livi Wilkes, Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2015

  1. I’m pleased too.

    I’m pleased to have picked out your blog post among the many I read during the first ‘ebook in a day’ project.

    I’m pleased that the person who won on the quantity of posts selected in the weekly #bestPRblogs contest also won on quality.

    But I’ll be most pleased in a year or more when I learn how you’re getting once you’ve graduated (I have high hopes for you).

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