a history of Guinness promotion: my trip to the Guinness Storehouse

When my parents said that whilst we were on a city break in Dublin we would be visiting the Guinness Storehouse, I thought it would purely involve Guinness tasting (not on my behalf, even the smell makes me gag!) but to my surprise there was a whole floor dedicated to the Advertising/Promotional side of the Guinness brand, which was, I must say, a tad different to the floor dedicated to tasting and pouring pints.

The room had cabinets full of the Guinness merchandise from over the years, such as the iconic Toucan, and the different bottles/designs the brand has had. But the part of the Advertising Gallery I found most interesting was the iPads with news articles, posters and TV adverts from over the years.



CCvl0AUWIAEmnikThe most memorable bit of Guinness advertising I can remember is the recent TV advert with the group of men all playing wheelchair basketball, but at the end of the match they all get out of their chairs apart from one and all went and enjoyed a pint of Guinness together. Right tear-jerker that was, eh.

The Guinness Harp logo was also made into an electronic harp that visitors (I assume children, but my sisters and myself had a lot of fun with it) could play around on. They also had a photobooth where you could have your face put onto one of their old advertisements such as the fisherman but our photos didn’t save! Such a shame…

I also found it very interesting that, even though Guinness was founded in 1759, they relied on word of mouth until the late 1920s to promote their brand. When sales started to decrease, Advertising agency, S.H Benson, were hired and went on to produce some memorable and well-known campaigns. It just goes to show how Advertising and Promotion have evolved over the years – nowadays there’s no chance that a brand would be successful and popular without the use of any Promotional techniques.

So, all in all, it sounds a bit lame doesn’t – I went to Dublin and to the Guinness Storehouse and instead of getting tipsy on Guinness (like some members of my family!) I spent most of time reading news articles about Guinness from the 1920s. However, it was really cool to go on a tourist-y visit and unexpectedly come across something that I’m interested in! Although I can’t quite imagine working for Guinness when I’m older, never say never eh?!

Liv xo 

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