the PR professional gift guide

When I first decided I wanted to study PR at uni, my mum went to a great effort to buy me PR related gifts for Christmas – the PR book for dummies (what are you trying to suggest,  mum?) a cloth type thing with PR related words on (still no clue what its purpose is) and even a badge saying ‘I ❤ PR’ (erm yeah thanks, mum…)

I decided to come up with a few gift ideas for PR professionals for those moments when someone goes ‘so, what do you want for Christmas/your birthday?’ and your mind goes blank, or if you’re gift buying for a PR professional and you 1) have no idea what to buy them or 2) have no idea what PR is. Let me help you out…

Travel  Mug

Us PRs are fairly well known for our non-stop busy & on the go schedules which, obviously, don’t leave much time for lounging around drinking coffee out of a china mug. Here’s where a travel mug comes into play; coffee on the go and you aren’t spending a fortune in Starbucks every morning. As a lot of PR-y jobs are London based, how about this cute London travel mug?


Personalised Notebook

What’s better than a notebook? A personalised notebook! Us PRs are the biggest fans of to-do lists and writing out the long list of things we have to do can be made slightly less horrific when you have a fun/cute/sentimental notebook to write them in. I have received my fair share of personalised notebooks in the past and not on the high street is a very good place to start.


Magazine Subscription 

I used to read for fun and to relax all the time but since being at university, I’ve definitely cut down on the amount of novels I read. Whether that’s to do with workload or Netflix, who knows. The other day I decided to pick up a Slimming World magazine and had a flick through whilst eating lunch and it was so much more relaxing than flicking through social media whilst eating lunch like I usually do! You don’t need the same amount of dedication to a magazine than a novel and it will be a nice weekly/monthly treat to look forward to.


Social Media Gifts

Just a heads up, if you buy your significant other/friend/relative a t-shirt saying ‘let me take a #selfie’ or ‘I ❤ Instagram’, please don’t be offended if they don’t wear it in public. This Twitter mug and these social media cushions are quite fun though.



Canvas Bag

This may be cheating as this is on my birthday wish list, but I’m a huge fan of canvas bags (I’m more into that style than the designer handbag style!) but I’ve also found they can fit loads more stuff in than other bags. Us PRs (mainly girls ;)) don’t tend to travel lightly and a sturdy bag with a PR theme is spot on, just like this Peace Love PR bag from Cafe press.

peace_love_pr_tote_bagI hope these fun PR gift ideas give you a little bit of inspiration! And if all else fails, it’s a well known fact that in the PR industry, the gift of a bottle of wine goes a long way.

Liv xo 

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