5 ways students can get in the festive spirit (regardless of all the deadlines!)

I, like many other students reading this post, am in that current 1 week before it’s home time for the Christmas holidays; home to a house with central heating, food that isn’t the leftover scraps that need eating up and, most importantly, no. more. deadlines!!!!!! (well, apart from the deadlines that lecturers like to throw at you due for the first week of January…thanks.

I feel like it’s time to get into the Christmassy spirit even though I’ve still got an essay for my Corporate Communications unit to finish and hand in! So, I’ve come up with a few ways for us students to combine our dreaded deadlines with the festive spirit…

1 | Take a trip to the Christmas market

If you go to University in a City, chances are your high street has currently been taken over by the German Christmas Market. Last year, as part of a uni assignment, I had to go and photograph the market and that got me right into the festive spirit! Christmas lights, music and food…what could be better?! I wish more than anything we had an assignment like that again this year, but I guess reports and essays can be just as much fun…?!! Umm maybe not. Oh to be a first year again…


2 | Decorate your uni house (as cold & mouldy as it may be)

In my opinion, it will only ever feel like Christmas when I’m snuggled up in my family home, next to the fire, with the Christmas tree up, listening to the sounds of my siblings arguing over whether to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, or the Miranda Christmas Special…ahh, bliss. I know student houses definitely don’t live up to the haven in which our parents live in (which we don’t fully appreciate until we’re sat in 3 jumpers, 4 pairs of socks, gloves and a hat and still freezing cold) but it’s amazing what some paper snowflakes, tinsel from the pound shop and Michael Buble’s Xmas Album can do to bring about that festive cheer.

Source: http://photopin.com/search/tinsel-
Source: http://photopin.com/search/tinsel-

3 | Christmas movies & music

Whether your taste is Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe Album or Wham, there is music for everyone at Christmas. At this time of year, 99.7% of us are fully broke and waiting impatiently for the next installment of our student loans, so unable to prance around Oceana Disco Room to Mariah Carey. However, fear not…YouTube is free! And work is so much easier to do when you’re in the Christmas spirit. Plus, Love Actually, Elf, The Holiday, Home Alone (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – however many there are!) and The Grinch…need I say more?!

4 | House Christmas dinner

Now, I’m not suggesting students are anywhere near being on a par with Jamie Oliver (PR students, in particular, are probably not best known for their culinary skills) but we can all whip up a cheap Turkey, a few vegetables and some gravy and not get food poisoning. Festive, quality time with your housemates before you all go your separate ways all over the country for the holidays – lovely!

This is my family, but we can pretend their students for this blog post ;)
This is my family, but we can pretend they’re students for this blog post 😉

5 | Secret Santa

We’re poor. There’s no denying it. Chances are you can’t afford to get all 5 of your housemates an Xmas prezzie, so Secret Santa is a great way to show at least one friend you love ’em. Depending on your group of friends, a joke-y present will usually suffice. For example, I am well known for my love of condiments, and last year I received a mayonnaise and ketchup gun – it’s the thought that counts, after all.


What are your tips for getting into the Christmas spirit?!

Liv xo

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