my trip to Birmingham to train students on the art of WordPress…

I had a really exciting day yesterday, I woke up at 5:50am (that bit wasn’t so exciting) to catch the train to Birmingham to visit the Events Management students at the University College. My job for the day was to present to them the basics of WordPress so they could go about setting up their own course blog, and a successful day it most certainly was!

Now, I’m no professional at WordPress, but I am the Editor of my university’s PR blog, and the lovely and wonderful Jo Bates wanted to set something similar up for her Events Managements students. I was invited along to give a presentation on my blogging experiences, help the students establish their main objectives and goals for their blog and help it get up and running! I’ve never done anything on the presenting side before, but the students were all so enthusiastic; they got stuck right in and came up with so many great ideas for their blog. (Might even be giving my blog a run for its money now…!)

Once their blog is launched, I’ll be sure to share it on here! Thank you for having me, UCB 🙂

Liv xo

2 thoughts on “my trip to Birmingham to train students on the art of WordPress…

    1. I did receive a small fee for my time, which was kind, but yes it boosted my confidence I lot and I’m excited to do more like it! Thank you 🙂

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