my tips on re-branding your blog

I decided to re-brand my blog to Live, Love, Laugh PR a couple of weeks ago for various reasons. One reason was my previous name didn’t relate to PR, which has been my niche for a few months, although I didn’t know it would be when I started it up, and another being that I just wanted a more sophisticated look and style in general; I really wanted my blog to present my best PR self. I’ve come up with a few tips for people who may just be a bit bit tired of their blog or want to make the bold step into more professional blogging!

1 | Choose a name that reflects your niche and sums up your blog’s tone and style 

Before Live, Love, Laugh PR you may remember my blog was called Wonderful World xo – all very cute and lovely, but had no relation to PR whatsoever. At the same time, you want to make your blog sound somewhat professional, for example, ‘Rainbows, Bunny Rabbits & Candy Floss’ may not be the route you want to go down if you want to reflect yourself professionally…(not that there’s anything wrong with rainbows, bunny rabbits and candy floss!)

2 | Make sure the names not taken, or there aren’t names similar 

I can imagine there is nothing worse than fully re-branding yourself to then find yourself in legal trouble because you took someone else’s name. A quick google search will show you whether your name is already in use. Also, make sure there aren’t names too similar, you don’t want to be getting contacted asking if ‘this is the right number for ‘Rodney’s Carpet Fitting Service”, for example.

3 | Make your blog creative, attractive & simple

I don’t know about you, but nothing about a website that has a firework gif in one corner, multicoloured letters and a dancing robot in the other corner appeals to me. Simplicity is key. Make it as pretty as you want, but don’t distract the reader from what you’re writing. Photos are always a good place to start – take your own, if you can, but if not websites such as Photopin are good for bloggers, but remember to source it! I’m currently in the process of designing my blog header and, let me tell you, what I am drawing on the piece of paper is absolutely no where near the brilliant piece of art I have in my mind! If you can spare a bit of cash, finding a designer, or even a friend, that can draw/use design technology, is worthwhile. You want your blog to stand out and be memorable. 

4 | Tweet, Tweet! 

What’s the point of re-branding if you’re not telling anyone you’re re-branding?! Put it out on to your social media sites, follow bloggers with a similar niche to yours, soon the traffic will come.

5 | Buy a domain

I’ve been told a few times that potential employers are less likely to take you seriously if you don’t have a domain, like .com or It is surprisingly cheap; there are different websites that you can use or on WordPress it’s $18 dollars per year – £10. Plus, it makes it feel like not just a blog, but a website.

 6 | Don’t launch immediately 

I know you’re super, duper excited to show off your new branding, but make sure it’s exactly how you want it first; no layout or spelling errors. Build up the excitement so that people know to check out your blog when it’s finally done. Tweet about it, Instagram tiny snippets, all that social media malarkey. You’ll end up with a lot more traffic and also a perfect blog!

7 | And finally…

A blog should be something you’re proud of. Make it easy to read and navigate through, make it consistent and make it pretty to look at, but most of all, let yourself shine through. It is your blog after all!

I hope these tips came in handy for anyone thinking about re-branding! If you have any more tips to add, comment below!

Liv xo

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2 thoughts on “my tips on re-branding your blog

  1. Hey Livi – a great idea – bespoke blogging for what you want totally makes sense! I think Solent drilled that in to us! 🙂 That’s how I started mine. However, I really like your recommendation’s about pictures. I always try to take my own – but it’s difficult! Thanks for the top tip!

    1. Hey Rebecca – Yeah they definitely did! I know, mine never look professional enough! Hope you’re good post-graduation 🙂

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