Introducing…Live, Love, Laugh PR!

EEK! I’m so excited to be writing this!

When I started up this blog way back when in 2012 I had no idea it’d go down the route of being a PR blog, so I went with a general domain name. As my blog got more and more PR based and I started doing interviews with PR professionals, I realised I should really have a URL that actually relates to my blog but never quite got round to sorting it out. I interviewed the wonderful Catherine Warrilow from Seriously PR and she mentioned I should make my blog name a bit more relevant if I’m going to continue blogging about PR which made me start thinking about new, PR-y blog names. 

I came up with a few potential names but none that I loved and none that really summed up the tone and style of my blog, until I came across a lady’s blog post about choosing blog names (who I really wish I could remember as I’d like to thank her!!) who said she had various names until she decided she didn’t want anything fancy or OTT – just something simple to sum her up. That’s when I remembered a little old motto that I believe really does sum me up – Live, Love, Laugh and bam! Live, Love, Laugh PR was born 🙂 After a bit of googling to make sure it wasn’t already taken, I went for it! And I’m so proud and excited to have my own little website 😀

To make your own domain name it’s $18 per year which is roughly a tenner so not exactly breaking the bank (although for a student that’s definitely debatable…;)!) and I thought why not re-brand just before I start 2nd year of uni?! Uni’s getting more serious, and so am I…maybe 😉

So, here’s to a new re-branded journey, I hope you stay along for the ride!


Liv xo

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