PR Interview #4; Maree Jones, Luckie PR

I’m so excited about this weeks interview! If you read my blog a lot, you’ll probably know my aim is to move to the states after I graduate from Uni, either to carry on studying or to get a PR job. I’ve always loved the ‘deep south’ and ‘dixie land’ and Alabama is just my dream place! You can read a post all about my American Dreams written all the way back in February 2013, here! So, I did some research into firms in Alabama and found Luckie PR! Read on to see my interview with Maree Jones, PR and Social Media Specialist at Luckie…

Luckie PR is an advertising agency currently based in Alabama, but they’re expanding their offices in Atlanta and London. They continue to be a family-owned and operated agency based out of Birmingham, Alabama, USA, but do have clients who are global.
Maree Jones | Luckie PR
Maree Jones | Luckie PR
How were you first introduced to PR?
“My background and education is in Theatre and Communication Studies, so I’m unique in the fact that I don’t have a degree in PR specifically. I worked in the box office in college, where part of my responsibilities were also to help promote attendance to our shows. So I guess you could say that was where it started. My communications classes gave me more of the fundamental knowledge of the field, and my theatre classes and box office work helped me with practical application of what I was learning. I’m also fortunate to have been employed in companies who have allowed me to explore my interests and talents as a communications professional.”
Can you talk about any PR jobs you’ve had previously? How did you start working at Luckie PR?
“The roles I’ve held at agencies or firms in my career have been what are called “hybrid” positions, combining both traditional PR and social media outreach. I worked at a small Birmingham-based firm for two years in a Digital PR role before moving to Luckie. In my position as PR/Social Media Specialist at Luckie & Company, I work mainly in the earned media space, using PR and social media outreach and my relationships with online influencers to help create buzz for our clients.”
Can you talk a bit about your role at Luckie PR?
“Luckie & Company is an advertising agency. We work with clients in various industries in both traditional and digital advertising space, but within that, there is often need for social media or public relations expertise. Likewise, many clients come to us wanting to know how to position themselves as experts in their industry or with help in monitoring their online influence and reputation. Being knowledgeable about PR trends and social media best practices helps our work for the client to be best in class. When earned media can serve as a complement to traditional advertising, the results can be truly magical.”
What has been the highlight of your career so far? 
“Being able to work at an agency like Luckie has definitely been the highlight of my career in that the caliber of people – both on the client side and on the agency side – is second to none. I am surrounded by smart, creative people on a daily basis. This inspires me and challenges me in regards to what I can bring to the table. Luckie values are really what set this agency apart from others, and I’m happy to get a heavy helping of the work that I love in such an environment.”
Do you have any advice for aspiring PR professionals? 
“My main piece of advice is to always show your value. This is true in selling both yourself to a potential employer or working in PR and showing your value to a client. Look for ways to prove your worth and success and show concrete examples of it. Become a fan of analytics, monitoring or reporting because that can be a difference-maker.”

Thank you, Maree! I’m now even more excited to get to the Hart of Dixie! 🙂 stay tuned for the next PR Interview!

Liv xo

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