PR Interview #3; Adam Cox, Radio Relations

To keep in the theme of my current work experience at Mix96 radio station, this weeks interview is with Adam Cox, founder of Radio Relations which has since expanded into the Relations Group. Adam tells me more about PR in the broadcast industry and his advice for aspiring PR professionals who want to pursue this industry…

Adam Cox | Relations Group

How were you first introduced to PR? 

“I worked at a broadcast PR company called EMR when I was 21 years old. I quickly discovered that with the creativity, credibility and effective consultancy there was no limit to the calibre or clients and campaigns I could work on.”

Why did the radio, TV and online industry stand out to you? 

“I think that the PR industry is very focused on print media. Print media is in decline and lacks the trust of the broadcast media. Most PR professionals have very limited knowledge of the radio industry despite the fact that 90% of the population listen every week. Broadcast is the single most effective media to communicate credentials and expertise – something that most brands need.”

How and why was radio relations set up? 

“Radio Relations was set up as the UK’s first dedicated Radio PR specialist to fill the gap of radio being missed from the plans or most media relations campaigns. It was created as a response to the lack of specialism in that field at the time.”

What have been the biggest challenges and achievements of your career?

“The biggest challenge was the transition from being a freelance practitioner to building a company that now has more than 20 staff. My biggest achievements were setting up Radio Relations at 23 years old and the company being recognised as one of the Top 150 PR agencies in the PR Week Top 150 league table.”

Have you got any advice for aspiring PR professionals who are interested in the radio, TV and online industry?

“It’s all about the three C’s. Get creative and get credible and that will mean you can be consultative.”

Thank you, Adam!

Stay tuned for the next PR Professional interview… 🙂

Liv xo

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